PGBM156: Required to briefly explain what this assessment is all about and what you will be addressing in this assessment: Strategic Management in an International Context Assignment, UOS, Malaysia

University University of Sunderland (UOS)
Subject PGBM156: Strategic Management in an International Context


  • Here you are required to briefly explain what this assessment is all about and what you will be addressing in this assessment.
  • The students briefly explain their chosen MNC The details can be put under Appendix.

Managing Complexity in the Covid-19 Environment

  1. Distinguish a simple business problem and a complex business problem in the context of a global coronavirus outbreak.
  2. The potential impact of Covid-19 on MNC’s approach to sustaining competitive advantage in both domestic and international markets.
  3. Managing the complexity in response to the ‘demand for localization and demand for globalization’ of an MNC

Management Control versus Organisational Chaos

  1. Organizational Context’ in terms of ‘Organisational  Development’
  2. Merits and demerits of the Organisational Leadership perspectives and the organizational dynamics perspectives based on your chosen MNC  company.

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