PGBM150: Critically analyze the management of innovation and technology transfer as a core business process: Innovation Entrepreneurship & Technology Transfer, UOS, Malaysia


University of Sunderland (UOS)

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Individual Assignment


PGBM150: Innovation Entrepreneurship & Technology Transfer

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The assessment of this assignment will cover all of the following learning outcomes:


K1   Critically analyze the management of innovation and technology transfer as a core business process.

K2   Critically evaluate the choices and challenges in building and managing an innovative organization.

K3   Reflect upon and critically evaluate the key attributes in capturing learning from Innovation and technology transfer.


S1   Demonstrate an ability to critically appraise theories of managing innovation and technology transfer in the 21st century.

S2   Evaluate the assessment of viable concepts, models, and techniques in order to identify ease of transmission for the adoption and/or application of managing innovation and technology transfer.

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Technology has come a long way in delivering efficiency and effectiveness. Over the last few technological waves, innovation disruptions have brought creative destruction and, at the same time, created new giants across different industries. Rising technological trends such as bio-revolution applied AI, and trust architecture, amongst others, have gained traction and are on a trajectory to achieve a critical mass of adoption to be part of our lives.

The academic report in the form of a journal paper, excluding appendices, should be 3000 words in length.

For your guidance, it will consist of:

  1. An abstract of the report
  2. An introduction in which you introduce the key trend in technology that you are researching, clearly emphasizing its importance
  3. Literature review of related themes and trends
  4. A detailed methodology of the analytical approach you are taking, demonstrating a critical understanding of managing innovation and technology transfer trend
  5. A reflective commentary documenting the challenge identified within the organization and clearly evidenced with academic underpinning throughout
  6. A section on your findings includes a critical evaluation, detailing commercially viable solutions to overcome the identified challenge
  7. Conclusions of the report
  8. Throughout the report, you must integrate theory with practice, critically evaluating your findings.
  9. All sources must be cited correctly in accordance with the Harvard system of referencing.

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