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DSC652 Big Data Applications And Issues UITM Assignment Example Malaysia

Big Data is a hot topic in today's world. This course will teach you about the essentials of Big Data Applications and give insight on how it can be applied for various purposes, including increased productivity or scientific breakthroughs! You'll also learn state-of -the art techniques that are being adopted…

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CSC779 Special Topic (Intelligent Systems) Assignment Example UITM Malaysia

The Research Project is a course that allows students to get started on their research projects for next semester. The objectives of this class are two-fold: providing individual study in computer science areas not covered by regular classes under supervision from an experienced lecturer, and helping you develop skills necessary…

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CSC793 Virtual Environment UITM Assignment Example Malaysia

This course will introduce students to the main concepts and practical issues in constructing virtual environments (VE), how people respond when they're inside one, what it means for an environment or experience being immersive. We'll focus on technical aspects like multisensory perception; there's also some overlap with design topics because…

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CSC792 Web Intelligence Assignment UITM Example Malaysia

In this course we will explore the different aspects of designing intelligent web technology. We'll cover everything from artificial intelligence and machine learning to carbohydrates, chemicals or even vitamin supplements! We'll touch on each of these topics and more over the course of four weeks. By the end you will…

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DSC651 Data Represent And Reporting Techniques Assignment Example UITM Malaysia

In this course, we will explore the concept of data and how to most effectively represent it. We'll study present day methods for analyzing information as well as some design strategies when displaying or presenting that analysis on a page in such a way people would understand its meaning without…

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DSC650 Data Technology And Future Emergence Assignment Sample Malaysia

The course will provide a foundation for exploring key data analysis and management techniques that are applied to massive datasets. These skills enable real-time decision making in distributed environments, business intelligence within the web as well as scientific discovery at large scales by permitting students to understand one of many…

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CSC795 Social Media Ecosystem Assignment Sample Malaysia

Social media has become an integral component of our lives. In this course, we'll explore the basics from inception to application with social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter as well other forms that information can take such as massaging through blogs or sharing via wikis; it's all about how…

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CSC794 Adaptive Semantic Web UITM Assignment Example Malaysia

This course aims to introduce students not only to the various methods and techniques that are currently used in Semantic Web research, but also to investigate the future generation of adaptive web for more effective intelligent applications. Students should emerge from this program understanding ontology basics as well how it…

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CSC784 Research Methods In Computer Sciences Assignment UITM Example Malaysia

The CSC784 course is designed for those who have already completed their bachelor's degree in Computer Science but want to learn more about how research works. It covers topics like preparing grants and writing papers that are critical reviews of scientific articles - all while giving you the skills necessary…

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