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FIN533 Personal Financial Planning UITM Assignment Example Malaysia

FIN533 Personal Financial Planning at UiTM covers essential tools for managing personal finances, including money management, time value of money, tax planning, consumer credit, insurance, investments, retirement, and estate planning. Through this course, students gain insights into organizing financial resources effectively to improve their financial well-being. With a focus on…


Individual Assignment Report Example on Strategic Management for Malaysian Students

Title:  The Role of ESG Indices in Measuring Corporate Sustainability and Competitive Advantage Contents: Introduction Understanding ESG Indices The Impact of ESG Indices on Corporate Sustainability Efforts ESG Indices and Strategic Competitive Advantage Critique of the Statement Contemporary Scholarly Perspectives Conclusion References cta_answers_1 Introduction: The integration of Environmental, Social, and…


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CSM554 Conflict Management And Negotiation Strategies UITM Case Study Sample Malaysia 

CSM554 Conflict Management & Negotiation Strategies at UiTM, Malaysia, delves into conflict nature, negotiation dynamics, and effective conflict resolution. Students grasp systems thinking, identify conflict aspects, and tailor negotiation styles to diverse contexts. The course emphasizes applying conflict knowledge and personality theories to comprehend four major negotiation styles. Through this,…


MIR710 International Conflict Management And Conflict Resolution Case Study Sample Malaysia

MIR710 explores conflict management and resolution in international relations, focusing on theories, historical perspectives, and contemporary approaches. It examines the roles of state and non-state actors, regional bodies, and international organizations in conflict prevention and resolution. Key topics include mediation, peacekeeping, humanitarian intervention, and refugee crisis management. Through case studies,…


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Conflict Management Case Study Example in Malaysia

In a Malaysian technology corporation, interdepartmental conflict arises between the Research and Development (R&D) and Marketing departments due to miscommunication and differing priorities. This conflict impedes product development and marketing strategies, impacting organizational efficiency and morale. To address these issues, a collaborative conflict resolution approach is chosen, emphasizing open communication…


NBBS1313 Psychology And Sociology For Nurses OUM Assignment Sample Malaysia

NBBS1313 Psychology And Sociology For Nurses is an essential course offered by Open University Malaysia (OUM). Geared towards nursing students, it delves into the fundamental principles of psychology and sociology, providing a comprehensive understanding of human behavior and social interactions.  Through theoretical frameworks and practical applications, students explore topics such…


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XBOH 2103 Occupational Safety AND Health Management OUM Assignment Sample Malaysia

XBOH 2103 is an Occupational Safety and Health Management course offered by Open University Malaysia (OUM). This course equips students with fundamental knowledge and skills in managing occupational safety and health in various industries within the Malaysian context. Covering essential topics such as risk assessment, hazard control, legal compliance, and…


BBPW3203 Financial Management II OUM Assignment Sample Malaysia

BBPW3203 Financial Management II is an advanced course offered by Open University Malaysia (OUM) focusing on financial decision-making principles and techniques. This course delves into areas such as capital budgeting, risk analysis, capital structure, and dividend policy. Through case studies and practical applications, students gain insights into managing financial resources…


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LGV7034 Risk Management Individual Written Assignment Sample, VERITAS, Malaysia

LGV7034 Risk Management Individual Written Assignment Sample at VERITAS Malaysia focuses on equipping students with essential skills to identify, assess, and manage risks effectively. This course emphasizes practical application through individual written assignments, enabling students to analyze real-world scenarios and develop risk mitigation strategies. Through case studies and theoretical frameworks,…


BAGB1013 Principles of Management Essay Sample, UNITAR, Malaysia

BAGB1013 Principles of Management at UNITAR Malaysia is a foundational course essential for aspiring managers. Covering key topics such as management functions, leadership, decision-making, and organizational structure, the course aims to equip students with fundamental knowledge and skills in management principles. Through lectures, case studies, group discussions, and assignments, students…

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TME303 Automation & Robotics Assignment 2 Sample, WOU, Malaysia

TME303  Automation & Robotics delves into the principles and applications of automation and robotics. This course at WOU, Malaysia, explores the integration of technology to automate processes and enhance efficiency in various industries. Students will gain insights into robotic systems, sensors, actuators, and programming techniques essential for automation.  Through theoretical…


MBDM5093 Research Methodology Individual Assignment Sample, TARUMT, Malaysia

The Research Methodology course (MBDM5093) at TARUMT, Malaysia, offers students a comprehensive understanding of the principles, techniques, and processes involved in conducting effective research across various disciplines. Through a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical applications, students will explore key concepts such as research design, data collection methods, data analysis…

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