Engineering Assignment Sample for Malaysian Students

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Wind Engineering for (Urban, Artificial, Man-made) Environment Essay Sample Malaysia

Wind engineering can play an important role in shaping the urban, artificial, and man-made environment. By studying the influence of wind on structures and outdoor spaces, engineers can create environments that are well-designed and comfortable even in the face of strong winds. The ability to compensate for wind forces is…


How An Aircraft Electrical Distribution System Power Up Essential Aircraft Systems Essay Sample Malaysia

The aircraft electrical distribution system is the power source responsible for keeping all of the essential aircraft systems running. It is a complex, interconnected network of electrical wiring, relays, and circuit breakers that enables any equipment requiring electricity to safely operate. Aside from powering up everything from lights to communication…


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AGR569 Biotechnology For Plantation Crops Assignment Sample UiTM Malaysia

The techniques and underlying theory of plant tissue culture are discussed in this course, as well as an overview of how biotechnology can be used for alternative solutions within the plantation sector. The students will not only learn about what they need to know but also why we must explore…


MEC294 Thermofluids Lab Assignment Sample UiTM Malaysia

In the MEC294 Thermofluids Lab Assignment, you will be asked to measure and record temperature fluctuations in a flask of warm water. The data that your readings produce are expected to show an increase over time before plateauing at about 36 degrees Celsius (97 Fahrenheit). At this point, likely, there…


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DQS363 Measurement Of Civil Engineering Works Assignment Example UiTM Malaysia

The course is designed to provide an in-depth understanding of the theory and practice for measuring civil engineering works, such as Earthworks or Concrete Works. The student will be able to learn about current Malaysian standards on measurement with MyCESMM methods that can help them during their career here. They…


CHE327 Petrochemical Technology Assignment Example UiTM Malaysia

The petrochemical industry is an important and growing sector in Malaysia, with courses on how to process different types of products. The course will focus not only on the reaction mechanism but also on its applications for both now and future market trends; we'll highlight this trend throughout our learning…


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CHE244 Introduction To Chemical Reaction Engineering Assignment Example UiTM Malaysia

This course provides an introduction to Chemical Engineering, including the fundamental concepts of catalysis and industrial reactors. You will also learn about common types such as homogeneous solution Reactors (hydrothermal), gas-cooled burners used in power generation plants or oil refineries; multielement membranes that separate liquids into individual elements using electricity…

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