Law Assignment Sample for Malaysian Students

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HRM581 Malaysian Employment Law Assignment UITM Example 

The current state of employment law in Malaysia is a hot topic, with many questions unanswered. This course will answer all your burning queries about what it means to be an employer or employee under the peninsula's harsh labor laws-no matter how basic you think they might already know their…


HBU112 Pertahanan Awam Tugasan UITM Contoh Malaysia/ HBU112 Civil Defence I Assignment UITM Example Malaysia

This course will introduce you to many aspects of emergency management, from the functions and duties that are involved in an event like this one all the way down how first aid can be used as well. We'll also discuss techniques for managing victims or even just creating people proficient…


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LAW529 Law of Evidence Assignment UITM Example

The course aims to teach students the basic elements of rules under common law and legislation regulating evidence, as well how it can be used in determining what kind or type is necessary for either prosecution/defence side; whether any given piece has been sufficiently proved by its existence beyond reasonable…


LAW483 Moral And Ethical Issues In law UITM Assignment Example

This course explores the way in which society's moral values and ideals are being challenged. Topics include how Codes of Ethics have been promulgated, applied to specific situations, or delineate what ethical conduct looks like at workplaces across various industries (e.g., medicine). This course promotes the development of social skills,…


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LAW 498 Law of Torts II Assignment Example UITM Malaysia

In this course, we will discuss the elements of a tort and defenses to liability for torts. A tort is an obligation or responsibility imposed by law that has been violated. The most common type of tort is a civil wrong which means it's not a criminal offense but rather…


BTW 1200 Malaysian Business Law Assignment Sample

In this BTW 1200 Malaysian Business Law course, you will learn about the various aspects of law in Malaysia. You'll be introduced to dispute resolution techniques and examined on your knowledge of contract-related laws such as misrepresentation or agency agreements among others! There's also some talk about partnership contracts which…


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BTW 2213 Malaysian Company Law Assignment Sample

The BTW 2213 Malaysian Company Law course will focus on the law relating to corporate governance in Malaysia. It begins with an introduction of good practices for directors and board members, what they should know about their jobs as well as how independent auditors can help create positive outcomes for…


BBUI3103: Employment And Industrial Law Assignment Sample Malaysia

BBUI3103 Employment and Industrial Law is one of the courses offered by Open University Malaysia. This course should be covered over 15 weeks with three credit hours awarded for completion. To provide law students with an opportunity to work on a legal assignment, the International Law Department at Open University…


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BTW3153 Malaysian Income Tax Law Assignment Example Malaysia

Malaysian Income Tax Law is something that affects all Malaysians. It's important to know your rights and responsibilities when it comes to this law. Malaysian Income Tax Law can be confusing, but it doesn't have to be! The following are 6 things you should know about Malaysian income tax law:…

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