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IBM530 Introduction To International Business Assignment Sample UiTM Malaysia

IBM’s new IBM530 Introduction To International Business gives you a jumpstart on your study of international business. This introduction offers an overview and glimpse into what makes this subject so intriguing, with practical sessions that will have students engrossed right away. This course is designed to help students better understand…


DQS156 Principles Of Economics Assignment Sample UiTM Malaysia

The course is intended to provide a basic introduction to economic ideas and focus on student learning by applying the central concepts used in the analysis. It also aims to equip students with general knowledge of factors affecting the construction industry's development, such as technical progress or population growth for…


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MKT537 Marketing Research Assignment Sample UiTM Malaysia

In this course, you will learn about the various aspects of marketing research including its nature and application. You'll explore topics such as how to solve problems related to management or product decisions using scientific methods like experimentation & observation; what types of data collectors should use (email interviews vs…


MKT547 Marketing Communication Assignment Sample UiTM Malaysia

The course will introduce you to the wide array of promotional tools available for marketers. To be successful, every aspect involved in this process must integrate so as they can help achieve your goals and objectives which ultimately enhance brand equity overall. Coursework will focus on the elements of the…


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MGT555 Business Analytics Assignment Sample UiTM Malaysia

The course provides students with an introduction to the field of business analytics, which has been defined as the extensive use of data. It is discussed in-depth through statistical and quantitative analysis; descriptive models that can be used for prediction or prevention purposes; predictive ones where predictions are made based…


HTH668 Hospitality Strategic Management Assignment Sample UiTM Malaysia

This course will introduce learners to strategic management theories and literature in the context of hospitality. Students are required to take charge of their learning while exploring an ever-changing landscape within this business environment, as well as working with other group members on projects that challenge them creatively. The course…


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MAF661 Strategic Management Assignment UiTM Malaysia

The course emphasizes the strategic management process to chart your organization's direction and formulate its strategies. This training will show you how other areas of study, such as marketing or accounting for instance can help in achieving organizational success through their various tools that are useful when it comes down…


ELC501 English For Critical Academic Reading Assignment Sample UiTM Malaysia

In this course, students will develop their ability to read analytically and think critically. The focus is on the relationship between reading comprehension skills and critical thinking abilities while providing them with a structured method for interpreting content in written texts that are organized differently than they would be otherwise.…


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FAR560 Financial Accounting And Reporting 4 Assignment Sample UiTM Malaysia

The fourth level course builds on knowledge and skills introduced in Financial accounting and reporting 3 (FAR 510). In this way, it tests students' abilities to apply their accumulated understanding of relevant MFRSs. Additionally, the course deals with issues about small-medium enterprises by introducing simple group structures as well as…

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