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ABPK1203 Cognitive Psychology Assignment Sample Malaysia

ABPK 1203 Cognitive Psychology is a course offered by Open University Malaysia (OUM). This 3 credit hour worth of study can be covered in 8 to 15 weeks and it's one you'll want on your resume. Cognitive psychology is the study of mental processes. It focuses on learning, memory, attention,…

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ABPD2103 Personality Assignment Sample Malaysia

ABPD2103 Personality is a Foundation in Behavioral Science course conducted by the Open University of Malaysia. It covers identity, diversity, and psychological perspectives on individual differences, as well as biological factors that influence behavior. This includes traits and how they are assessed, as well as psychological disorders. The purpose of…

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OUMM3203 Professional Ethics Assignment Sample Malaysia

OUMM3203 Professional Ethics is one of the courses offered by the Faculty of¬†Business and Management at Open University Malaysia (OUM). It introduces students to the basic ethical theories and practices in business. It aims to prepare students for moral responsibility as business owners, managers, or employees. It also aims to…

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BAMS1743 Quantitative Methods Assignment Sample Malaysia

This (BAMS1743) Quantitative Methods course provides an introduction to the use of quantitative methods in research. Emphasis will be on achieving an understanding and critical analysis, through self-study or presentations made up by their respective instructor within this framework; students should also consider how they would go about collecting data…

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SBFS1103 Thinking Skills And Problem Solving Assignment Sample Malaysia

The course is designed for students taking Bachelor's programs in OUM. As an open and distance learner, you should be acquainted with learning independently and being able to optimize the learning modes available on your own time without worrying about meeting any specific requirements or deadlines before starting this three-credit-hour…

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Industrial Process Control & Instrumentation Assignment Sample Malaysia

Industrial Process Control and Instrumentation is the discipline of engineering concerned with designing, installing, programming industrial process control systems. The course mainly covers principles for measurement in the industry from instrumentation points-of-view as well as interfacing them to computer-based data acquisition systems that are used to monitor performance or operate…

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