BSB151 Material Properties UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

BSB151 Material Properties course is an essential part of any engineer’s studies. It provides a comprehensive introduction to the physical and mechanical properties of various types of materials commonly used in industry, as well as their behavior under specific conditions or loads. You will learn about the fundamental structure-property relationships between material architecture, composition and processing parameters, and their impact on macroscopic properties.

The course further covers an array of topics related to engineering materials, including strength, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, fatigue and fracture mechanics. Beyond simply introducing you to the core concepts and theories related to materials, this fantastic course also provides hands-on laboratory sessions that demonstrate applications to real-world problems. From testing methods suitable for industry use to smart computational design strategies, the end goal is that you are well prepared to utilize these technologies in future professional practice.

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In this section, we will delve into the objectives of our assignment. This includes:

Assignment Objective 1: Determine the classification, properties and application of building materials available.

Building materials encompass a variety of components that are used in the construction of structures ranging from basic dwellings to towering skyscrapers. In order to determine the correct application and properties of building materials, it is necessary to classify them first. This classification can be based on composition, usage characteristics, production method, or other factors.

Once the classification has been settled, it can then be determined which building material is best suited for each particular structure project. Understanding the properties and applications of available building materials is a key factor in not only determining their value but also their effectiveness in creating lasting structures.

Assignment Objective 2: Identify the use of the range of materials in the construction industry.

The construction industry makes use of a variety of materials to ensure the completion of any task. From steel, lumber, and cement to aluminum, glass, and more; these materials are selected depending on the type of structure being built as well as any functional purposes it needs to serve. Steel is primarily used for supporting structures in high-rise buildings and bridges due to its strength and durability. Lumber is commonly used in flooring and framing due to its natural flexibility.

Cement is used in foundation building as a result of its strength and ability to harden upon drying. Aluminum is typically found in window frames or wall paneling near entrances, while glass is often used in windows and overhead canopy displays to create an airy atmosphere. Materials are essential components when constructing anything, so it’s important that they are chosen thoughtfully in order to make sure each part works harmoniously with the rest.


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