BSB150 Building Construction II UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

BSB150 Building Construction II is a great course for anyone interested in multiple aspects of the field of construction. You’ll learn valuable information such as advanced building techniques, regulations and codes, and site operations. The knowledge and skills acquired in this course will equip you with the fundamental tools to help shape a successful career path in the ever-growing construction industry.

This comprehensive course contains lectures, discussions, quizzes, and assignments, as well as online presentations and guided instrument usage (when necessary). You will come away from this class with both a broad knowledge base of building science and an understanding of how to apply principles on actual construction sites.

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Drive your success with assignment samples tailored to the BSB150 Building Construction II course! offers a variety of sample assignments for the BSB150 Building Construction II course. These assignment samples are designed to help you understand the expected outcomes and requirements for each of the topics covered during the course. They also provide you with valuable tips and guidelines on how to approach your assignments in order to achieve maximum results.

Here, we have arranged a variety of assignment activities to choose from. These are:

Assignment Activity 1: Interpret the need for soil investigation and testing in determining the types and uses of deep foundations.

Soil investigation and testing is an essential components to determining the types and uses of deep foundations, such as piles, caissons, etc. Soil investigations provide information related to the geology, engineering properties, and type of soil that is necessary to complete an accurate analysis on a construction project. With this knowledge, developers can make better decisions regarding their building design while meeting safety standards and responsibilities.

Additionally, when performing tests on soil samples gone through the investigation process, engineering calculations can be developed that accurately determine if the proposed structure without fail can handle the weight placed above it, which assists in avoiding costly errors during construction. Therefore it is critical for builders to accurately assess their environment with an effective soil investigation prior to any construction-related undertakings.

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Assignment Activity 2: Identify the construction types of walls and openings.

Different types of walls and openings are used in construction for a variety of reasons. The primary types of walls include load-bearing, non-load-bearing, and partition walls depending on the application. Load-bearing walls support both vertical and horizontal loads such as those encountered in multi-story structures. Nonload-bearing walls provide separation between spaces without contributing to the support of a structure such as those found in residential dwellings.

Partition walls provide privacy and sound reduction, but do not serve any load-bearing purposes.

Doors and windows are common openings usually used to provide an entranceway, ventilation, or just for aesthetic purposes. Doors come in several different types including bi-fold doors, sliding doors, and folding doors, while windows come in a variety of styles such as fixed windows, sliding windows, and casement windows.

Both walls and openings can be crafted from various materials including wood, concrete, steel, aluminum and glass. Depending on the purpose of the wall or opening each material has advantages and disadvantages which need to be taken into consideration when constructing a structure.

Assignment Activity 3: Describe the types of floor and staircase construction and materials used.

Flooring and staircase construction can be made from a variety of materials, depending on the desired aesthetic and functional result. Wood, tile, stone, concrete, and vinyl are used for flooring in many structures. For staircases, wood is frequently used due to its strength and ease of use. However, metals such as iron are also favored due to their high durability and sleek appearance.

In some cases, homeowners may choose glass or transparent plastics for an ultra-modern look. No matter the material that is used in floor or staircase construction, careful engineering is necessary to ensure it meets regulations while providing a smooth user experience.

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