BSB210 Building Technology And Materials I UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

BSB210 Building Technology and Materials I is a course that focuses on the principles and practices of building technology, with an emphasis on the materials and methods used in building construction. The course aims to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the materials and technologies used in building construction, and the factors that influence their selection and use. 

Students will develop skills in analyzing, evaluating, and selecting appropriate building materials and techniques based on their properties and performance criteria, as well as understanding the impact of various factors on building performance, such as energy efficiency, environmental impact, and safety.

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In this section, we will discuss some assignment outlines. These are:

Assignment Outline 1: Determine types of construction for timber, concrete and steel structures.

Timber Structures:

Timber structures are built using wood, which is a renewable and versatile building material. There are several types of timber construction methods, including:

  1. Post and beam: This is a traditional method where vertical posts support horizontal beams, which in turn support the roof or floors.
  2. Timber frame: This method uses a frame of large timber members that interlock with each other to form a structure.
  3. Cross-laminated timber (CLT): This is a newer method where layers of timber are glued together at right angles to create a strong, solid panel.

Concrete Structures:

Concrete structures are made using a mixture of cement, water, and aggregates (such as sand, gravel, or crushed stone). There are several types of concrete construction methods, including:

  1. Reinforced concrete: This method involves reinforcing the concrete with steel bars or mesh to increase its strength and durability.
  2. Pre-stressed concrete: This is a method where the concrete is placed under compression before it is loaded to improve its resistance to stress.
  3. Insulated concrete formwork (ICF): This method uses insulating foam blocks that are filled with concrete to create a structure that is both energy-efficient and durable.

Steel Structures:

Steel structures are made using steel, which is a strong and durable building material that can withstand high levels of stress. There are several types of steel construction methods, including:

  1. Steel frame: This method uses a frame of steel members that are bolted or welded together to form a structure.
  2. Pre-engineered steel buildings: This is a method where the entire building is designed and fabricated off-site, and then shipped to the construction site for assembly.
  3. Steel-reinforced concrete: This method involves reinforcing concrete with steel bars or mesh to increase its strength and durability.

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Assignment Outline 2: Identify the method of erection for the roof system including the roof finishes for the use of residential and industrial buildings constructed from timber, metal and concrete.

The method of erection for the roof system and roof finishes will vary depending on the type of building material used. Here are some common methods for each material:

Timber roof system:

  1. Frame construction: The roof frame is constructed using timber trusses or rafters, and then covered with roof sheathing.
  2. Metal roofing: Metal roofing sheets or tiles are installed on top of the roof frame using screws or nails.
  3. Shingles or tiles: Shingles or tiles are attached to the roof sheathing using nails or adhesive.

Metal roof system:

  1. Frame construction: The roof frame is constructed using steel trusses or purlins, and then covered with roof sheathing.
  2. Standing seam roofing: Metal roofing sheets are installed using clips or fasteners to create a standing seam.
  3. Corrugated roofing: Corrugated metal sheets are installed using screws or nails to secure them to the roof frame.

Concrete roof system:

  1. Reinforced concrete: The roof structure is formed by pouring reinforced concrete onto the roof formwork.
  2. Pre-cast concrete: Concrete roof panels are pre-fabricated and then lifted into place using a crane.
  3. Concrete tiles: Concrete tiles are attached to the roof structure using nails or adhesive.

Roof finishes:

  1. Asphalt shingles: Asphalt shingles are a common roof finish for residential buildings. They are installed using nails and come in a range of colors and styles.
  2. Metal roofing: Metal roofing can also be used as a roof finish for both residential and industrial buildings.
  3. Clay or concrete tiles: These are a popular roof finish for residential buildings, particularly in areas with Mediterranean or Spanish-style architecture.
  4. Flat roof finishes: Flat roofs can be finished with a range of materials including bitumen, EPDM rubber, and PVC membranes.

It is important to consult with a professional builder or architect to determine the best method of erection and roof finish for your specific building project.

Assignment Outline 3: Clarify the major properties of buil ding technology construction for the finishes, bituminous material and types.

Building technology construction involves the use of various materials and techniques to create structures that are safe, durable, and aesthetically pleasing. Some of the major properties of building technology construction for finishes, bituminous materials, and types are:

  1. Finishes: Building finishes refer to the final layer or coating that is applied to the interior or exterior of a building. Some of the major properties of finishes are durability, resistance to wear and tear, ease of cleaning, and aesthetic appeal. Common types of finishes include paint, wallpaper, tiles, carpets, and wood paneling.
  2. Bituminous materials: Bituminous materials are commonly used in construction for their water-resistant and adhesive properties. Some of the major properties of bituminous materials include durability, flexibility, resistance to weathering, and easy application. Common types of bituminous materials include asphalt, tar, and bitumen.
  3. Types of construction: There are several types of construction methods used in building technology, including masonry, timber frame, steel frame, and reinforced concrete. Each method has its own unique properties, advantages, and disadvantages. For example, masonry construction is durable and fire-resistant but may be costly, while timber frame construction is lightweight and energy-efficient but may be less durable than other methods.

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