MKT243 Nestle Assignment Sample Malaysia

MKT 243 Nestle Assignment Sample Malaysia

In MKT 243 Nestle assignment sample, we will go to illustrate the strategies of Nestle. Nestle is a multinational company that has been expanding for more  than 100 years. They are an international leader in the food industry, with their products being sold in over 190 countries around the world. Nestlé Malaysia’s history began back on March 9th, 1905 when Swiss Proprietor Henri Nestlé and his partners opened up a factory to produce milk chocolate under the ‘Nestea’ brand name in Ampang, Selangor near Kuala Lumpur

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The environment of each nation impacts how they sell goods (external). For example, if there is high unemployment then people may buy less expensive groceries at smaller grocery stores which can lead to lower profits from sales since these companies have higher operating costs due to storage space needed per item compared with larger grocery store chains

Background of Nestle

This assignment example elaborates the background of the nestle organization. Nestle isn’t just one of the leading food and nutrition companies in the world—it’s a global phenomenon. Nestle has factories all over, from Switzerland to India; that means you can always find your favorite chocolate bar no matter where you are! It also helps that they have an international research centre so we know what tastes good around the globe.

Nestlé is not only among some of the top tier food and beverage companies out there but it’s available everywhere–from its headquarters in Vevey, Switzerland to every corner of this planet thanks due to their network across 86 countries with more than 500 factories operating on them simultaneously for various products like soups or pet care items etc., which gets even better as these operations benefit.

Nestle company operating in different countries like:


Nestle stays sensitive to culinary and eating habits, responding specifically when it comes to nutritional problems. The company also sets new trends in health care with a focus on the well-being of its consumers.


In this assignment example, we will be going to discuss the objectives of Nestle organization. Nestle has a goal of becoming the world’s leading food and nutrition company. They are currently in competition with Cadbury, which was recently acquired by Kraft. If Nestle wants to maintain its position at the top then it will need to work hard before falling behind its competitor that is now ahead of them due to this new acquisition.


Nestlé Norden’s aim is to meet the various needs of its customers every day by marketing and selling food products that are consistently high quality. In order to achieve this vision, Nestle has two steps for success: High-quality and collaboration which ensures any good business flourishes in today’s world; Second is to focus on e-business with its websites specifically geared towards capturing clients through electronic commerce (e-commerce).


Nestle has been committed to providing the best food solutions by anticipating consumers’ needs. With its long-term experience in doing business, Nestlé contributes to your well-being and quality of life with its consistently high products.

Nestlé is dedicated to provide people throughout the world with consistent foods that are not only satisfying but will also enhance their lives by helping them live healthier lifestyles or allowing for a more pleasurable consumption experience – all thanks to understanding consumer’s needs.

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Market segmentation of Nestle

Assignment sample illustrates the marketing segmentation of Nestle, after so many research that we have done and after so many considerations that we have put is we have agreed to select demographic segmentation, psychographic segmentation, and geographic segmentation for our market analysis.

  • Demographic categorization includes age, occupation, gender education level (including primary), income class, or social standing;
  • While Psychographics include hobbies/interests such as fashion sense in clothing items like shoes and colors of clothes one prefers) – things that are not necessities but “treatments.”
  • Lastly, there is Geographic Segmentation which involves regional differences within the country-either rural vs. urban areas or by state boundaries.

Marketing Mix (4 P’s) for Nestle in Malaysia

This assignment example discusses the Marketing Mix (4P’s) for Nestle in Malaysia:-

Product- Nestle has been one of the most successful food companies in Malaysia. They maintain a wide product range that adapts to regional tastes and preferences, while also exploring new trends as they arise like salads for prepared foods. Nestle should continue expanding their success by introducing more salad-based products such as chicken or tuna salad which are often healthier options than fried eggs on toast!

Nestlé is an international company with operations throughout Asia; it’s no surprise that this powerhouse has managed to secure itself a large chunk of market share within Malaysian markets too. The prepackaged dish industry saw significant growth over 2017-2018 thanks partly due to increased health consciousness among Malaysians – this was heightened when many people were shocked at how unhealthy McDonalds’ fries.

Price– Nestle has a huge variety of prices for their products, ranging from very low to high-end. The lower-priced items are packaged differently than higher-priced ones in order to catch all sectors of customers with any age or preferences that come into your store. Nestle is never behind when it comes to pricing out competitors and offers an intensely competitive market so head on over there!

Place– Nestle has been in Malaysia for over 100 years. Nestlé is one of the largest and most well-known food companies around, so it’s easy to see why they’ve never faced any distribution problems whatsoever here before. The first thing we need to focus on with our new product line is perceptions about healthiness because this will affect what consumers think their expiry date should be. We’re trying to stay within 5 days from its production date as expiration dates are seen more favorably if people believe that the foods were still fresh when they expired– which means less waste!

Nestlé has been a mainstay in Malaysia for over 100 years now, making them an expert at navigating through Malaysian markets both large and small.

Promotion– Nestlé has used a variety of promotional strategies to make its products appealing. One such strategy is the free bars offered in Nestlé’s multi-bar family pack that, when bought together, will save customers time and money on their chocolate craving without sacrificing quality! Another marketing campaign was with Burger King where they teamed up for “exciting prices” like meal coupons just for eating your favorite burger at one of our fast food joints. For those who are looking not only to indulge but also to eat healthy while doing so we encourage you to join us through promotions partnerships with health & fitness centers like Fitness First and True Fitness because what better way than being fit as can be? Nestlé’s effective use of promotion techniques provides many opportunities to satisfy customers.

SWOT analysis of Nestle

The following assignment samples elaborate the SWOT analysis of Nestle in Malaysia:


The company has a big pool of loyal customers due to its long history in the food and nutrition market. With more than 100 years worth of experience, it continues to maintain high standards for all products that are economical, natural, and nutritious – something any customer would want!

The network is strong around the world which enables them to provide their product year-round no matter where you are located. They have always been one of the largest bottled water companies because they were able with early moves into this sector take advantage before anyone else could beat them out on size and profits.

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The Nestle Company is not able to market its product as well as the competitors, which in turn reflects a weaker connection with customers.

The LC-1 division of the Nestle was a flop and shorter life cycle products were blamed for it. They have increased their range but still can’t keep up when it comes to innovation against other companies within this industry who are showing growth.


Nestle has been in the dairy business for years and now that people are increasingly becoming vegetarian, they have a unique opportunity to cash in on this new market. They could enter into smaller niche markets like yogurt which would give them more options when it comes time to make their money-maker – cheese.


Nestle is known for its chocolate, but the company has been spending time diversifying into more market sectors. For example, Nestlé owns and operates a chain of ice cream parlors in South Africa called “Nestlé’s Ice Cream.”

This ices-to-junk food transformation reflects how much effort companies are putting into gaining an edge over competitors as well as adapting to changing customer preferences.

However, this might not be enough if they don’t change fast enough because emerging markets with developing economies have begun to outpace developed ones regarding the consumption of dairy products and yoghurt specifically which can eat up their market share quickly leaving them vulnerable against entrants from countries like China or India who offer a similar product at lower prices thanks in part due to less stringent regulations gained from coffee shops where same products sold at a lower cost than grocery stores.


Nestlé is the leader in Nutrition, Health, and Wellness Company. Nestlé has produced better quality products for consumers to help them achieve their visions by understanding time-to-time needs from customers. This company also invests heavily in R&D as well as leaders so they can overcome obstacles with ease like other companies have done before.

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