MGT162 Fundamentals Of Management Assignment Sample UITM Malaysia

MGT162 Fundamentals Of Management UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

This MGT162 fundamentals of management assignment sample will introduce you to the different management approaches, from planning and organizing all the way through to control.

Management is the process of planning, organizing, and controlling to achieve the desired goal. This course will explore various management concepts such as motivation and communication that help managers lead their teams more effectively through work quality improvement methods like leadership styles. We’ll also examine Islamic perspectives on management throughout history in order to offer new ways for Muslim people who are looking into this field or currently working in it!

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Assignment brief of MGT162 Fundamentals Of Management 

In this course, there are many types of assignments given to students like
a group project, individual assignment, report, business plan, business proposal, executive summary, and the solutions are given by us. 

Assignment Task 1. To describe the basic functions and the major theories of management.

In this assignment sample, we will be going to briefly discuss the basic Functions of Management

A major function of management is to organize resources due to knowledge gaps within an organization which also depends on levels or positions the employees hold within the hierarchy based on their skill sets and capability sets.

A manager is accountable for the performance of all members within their managerial span of responsibility. A manager, in other words, is responsible for the accomplishment of goals and objectives set out by the organizational hierarchy. The basic functions are as follows

1) Planning – determination and assignment of goals and objectives; allocation of resources to achieve tasks; assigning priority levels and deadlines

2) Organizing – direct supervision to assure compliance with policies; coordination with others to establish necessary relationships between individuals and task at hand

3) Controlling – measurement, analysis, evaluation which provides information about significant events so that sound decisions can be made regarding future plans

4) Staffing/HRM (human resource management)

Assignment Task 2. To discuss the basic functions and the major concept and theories of management

The assignment sample discusses Management which is the process of social control in an organizational setting. There are theories and concepts of management that create frameworks for how managers should make decisions, and how they can facilitate employee satisfaction with their work conditions.

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These theories fall into three categories: human relations, behavioral/social sciences, and economics. The former category includes stakeholder theory, contingency theory, ICT contribution implementation model, and transcendence theory; the latter includes equity theory and equity (justice) designs.

Assignment Task 3. To demonstrate teamwork through group assignment and relate the management theories and concepts with business practice

In this assignment sample here are some things to consider in order for you to demonstrate teamwork and identify as a group.

Loyalty: team members should be loyal, enduring, and trustful, committed and do what is best for the entire team. If someone does not have these qualities they should be removed from the group or it will affect how well they get along with other teammates.

Recognition by peers: people need to know their work/performance is being noticed in order to feel motivated which helps with morale and professionalism among staff (i.e., congratulating success).

Knowing where they are against company goals can help them work more effectively; Goal setting that allows achievements of small team milestones can demonstrate individual contributions.

Start by making sure that your team has a similar goal. Have them find out what their objective is and make sure they are on the same page as you. Figure out how to treat the problem as one unit rather than many individual pieces (see the first bullet).

The team should identify and talk about obstacles they foresee, coordinate tasks, tackle problems in areas where they have strengths or other teams have weaknesses, share information with each other by updating schedules or heading off bottlenecks.

In short, communication is key to teamwork! There’s also no reason not to get creative! You can get international experience while working on a project together across borders; work on solving an issue most pertinent for sustainable development.

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The above assignment sample is based on MGT162 fundamentals of management UITM.

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