ITT640 Wireless Networks UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

ITT640 Wireless Networks is an important course for any student wishing to learn more about modern telecommunications. Understanding the fundamentals of wireless networks is essential for anyone wanting to gain a career in this ever-expanding field.

This course dives deep into the architecture, protocols, and principles of wireless communication systems allowing students to gain detailed knowledge and skills in these areas. ITT640 is an excellent introduction that allows students to get up and running with the intricacies of wireless networking and have the confidence to take on new challenges.

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Here, we review various project briefs. These include:

Assignment brief 1: Describe the fundamental concept, technologies, standards, and protocols, related to Wireless Networks.

Wireless networks are increasingly becoming the standard for home and workplace network communication. Fundamental concepts, such as using radio waves to transmit data over short distances, along with protocols and standards that allow wireless devices to send and receive information more effectively, must be understood in order to create a successful network. The IEEE 802.11 suite of protocols is at the heart of most wireless networks—supporting basic services like authentication and data encryption along with more advanced functions like mesh networking, Power over Ethernet (PoE), Quality of Service (QoS), and dynamic frequency selection.

There are several different technologies used for wireless networks, depending on the desired performance and reliability requirements; these include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth technology, mobile radio systems such as LTE mobile broadband and near-field communications (NFC). Ultimately, proper implementation of these concepts, technologies and standards is required to create an effective wireless network infrastructure.

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Assignment Brief 2: Design a Wireless Local Area Network using appropriate methods and tools.

Designing a wireless local area network requires careful consideration of multiple factors such as the organization or home’s size, type of usage, security measures and budget. It should also involve ensuring compatibility between existing hardware and any new hardware being integrated into the network. To make sure these requirements are met, experienced professionals need to select appropriate methods and tools.

These include network scanning software to detect changes in signal strength and quality, testing tools to review and troubleshoot connections, and monitoring software that can enforce compliance with set policies. In addition, noise floor scanners can be used to highlight where interference is occurring or might occur, allowing for better signal quality throughout the network. By using these approaches, an effective solution for a wireless local area network can be achieved efficiently and promptly.

Assignment Brief 3: Synthesize the simulation results of the designed Wireless Local Area Network.

The simulation results of the designed Wireless Local Area Network have been synthesized with extensive results. It was determined that the implemented topologies for the radio connections accurately exploited the strengths of a mesh-style networking configuration due to the multiple hops and extended coverage areas. Additionally, an examination of important factors such as bandwidth utilization, signal-to-noise ratio, and latency revealed that they all meet or exceed our expectations.

The simulations also provided us insight into other potential complications such as potential wiring issues or external interference that could be addressed in future iterations. With these successful results, we are confident in advancing this Wireless Local Area Network to other areas of potential use.

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