BCM514 Construction Technology III UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

The BCM514 Construction Technology III course explores the process of building and maintaining structures in the 21st century. Students gain skills in reading and interpreting structural documents, understanding structural design criteria, virtual modeling and foundation systems, among others. Through a mix of interactive lectures, hands-on laboratories, and field trips to prominent buildings around St. Louis, this course provides students with unique opportunities to learn both the technical aspects of structural engineering as well as understand the place of design within urban contexts.

Additionally, through this course, students also learn how to incorporate innovative technology such as Building Information Modeling into their projects. By completing this course students will be better prepared to develop creative solutions to complex construction challenges and become more effective partners on any project site.

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Below, we outline a few assignment briefs. These include:

Assignment Brief 1: Evaluate general planning, design consideration and construction method of earthworks; slope stabilization, retaining walls and soil improvement.

Earthworks engineering is an essential element in the construction of civil infrastructure and urban environments. From the planning phase through to construction, several general considerations should be taken into account to ensure the success of earthworks projects. First, the design must consider factors such as geology, hydrology, environmental impact, and sustainability constraints. Second, construction should be carried out with appropriate materials to minimize the impact on the surrounding environment.

Finally, projects should include slope stabilization methods such as soil nails and retaining walls for support; and soil improvement techniques that result in a higher level of strength or stiffness for subgrades supporting structural foundations. Through proper planning, design, and construction methods of these types of earthworks projects, safe and efficient outcomes can be achieved.

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Assignment brief 2: Demonstrate on specific soil mechanic test through various procedures.

There are many soil mechanical tests used to analyze and categorize soils. These tests require various procedures that can prove difficult to understand and follow, but being able to properly conduct them is essential in determining the properties of different soils. By demonstrating specific soil mechanical assessments through specific procedures, it is possible to gain a better knowledge of soil mechanics.

This could range from tri-axial testing and shear strength analysis to vane shear techniques and consolidation experiments – each providing its own set of information about the subject soil. It is important to keep in mind that soil mechanical tests provide great insight when it comes down to the strength and behavior of soil materials, so proper execution must be taken in order for accurate results.

Assignment brief 3: Demonstrate excellent working culture in planning and design consideration of earthworks; slope stabilization, retaining walls and soil improvement.

Working culture is an essential factor in any project, especially planning and design considerations of earthworks. Professionalism is key to providing an excellent working culture that is consistent with the planning, design, and construction of slope stabilization, retaining walls, and soil improvement. At GHS Solutions, we strive for a work environment that allows our team to collaborate effectively in order to produce superior results that reflect the care and quality our clients demand and deserve.

Our project managers have experienced industry professionals who take into account the unique personal and economic circumstances of each particular project while employing best practices when it comes to engineering solutions. With over 50 years of combined experience, GHS Solutions offers an unparalleled level of expertise when it comes to earthworks projects.

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