BCM523 Construction Economics II UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

BCM523 Construction Economics II is a great course for construction professionals who want to take the next step in their careers. Students will be able to gain an in-depth understanding of the legal, financial, and managerial aspects of the industry, allowing them to develop an informed approach when making decisions in their work.

Each lesson will emphasize the importance of sound business practice, as well as introduce students to essential topics like taxation and insurance. With this knowledge, they will be better equipped to make successful financial investments and effectively manage projects with tight constraints.

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At this juncture, we present some assignment tasks for you to complete. These include:

Assignment Task 1: Evaluate economic conditions, theories, and policy through investment appraisal, cost and financial analysis in determining project viability.

Investment appraisal and financial analysis are important tools for evaluating economic conditions, theories, and policies when determining the feasibility of projects. Through a thorough assessment of these factors, organizations can gain an improved understanding of their potential for success. By identifying the true cost of pursuing a project, parties can make more informed decisions on whether to move ahead or reallocate the resources in another direction.

Furthermore, by utilizing quantitative methods that assess the return on investments and other specific metrics, companies and individual investors alike can estimate the long-term value of any given project and adjust expectations accordingly. Effective use of investment appraisal and cost/financial analysis is key to gaining insight into economic conditions, theories, and policy as it pertains to project viability.

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Assignment Task 2: Demonstrate an understanding of the National and Local Government Economic Policy in the Built Environment.

The government plays a strong role in the economic policy of the built environment, both locally and nationally. At the federal level, laws are implemented to ensure that all buildings are constructed safely according to established standards and codes. Additionally, there are incentives provided by the government on an industry-specific basis to support businesses in their efforts toward developing the built environment.

On a local scale, governments provide grants and subsidies to encourage small businesses to construct buildings that benefit their communities. Regardless of the level of government participation, it is essential that all economic policies concentrate on making sure that customers have safe structures and beneficial products. Altogether, through collaboration between local and federal governments, economic policy can be developed that is beneficial for all stakeholders in the Built Environment.

Assignment Task 3: Identify project viability through evaluation of investment appraisal cost and financial analysis.

Evaluating project viability through proper cost and financial analysis is essential for a successful conclusion. The investment appraisal provides an accurate assessment based on the costs associated with the project, such as personnel, materials, hardware and software, support services, and equipment. At the same time, understanding how resources will be applied to generate returns through this product or service must also be considered.

Through financial analysis, accurate figures can be obtained as to the potential sales and profits of the task in question by modeling future projects. Ultimately, this type of evaluation enables better decision-making regarding investing in a project while also preparing companies for potential risks associated with the task at hand.

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