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ENT 530 Principles of Entrepreneurship Assignment Sample Malaysia

ENT 530 Principles of Entrepreneurship Assignment Sample Malaysia

This course is to help students who are interested in entrepreneurship, the ability to be creative and take risks. It will teach them how they can use their creativity and ideas in a business venture which could grow over time from one person’s idea with some hard work.

The assignment example includes an introduction of what it takes for becoming an entrepreneur while giving practical assignments that monitors progress through Skype or email correspondence within due dates as well as feedback on these projects during class discussions so all participants have an equal opportunity at receiving constructive criticism about their work in order to improve themselves without feeling discouraged by others’ input on another student’s project because everyone has different strengths and weaknesses depending upon each individual’s personality traits, values learned throughout life experience, etc.

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Course Information

Below is the various assignment types based on entrepreneurship and students get assignments on these topics only.

Entrepreneurship & The Individual Entrepreneur Mindset
Nature and development of entrepreneurship
How entrepreneurs think
Role of entrepreneurship in economic development
The intention to act entrepreneurially
Entrepreneur background and characteristics
Role models and support systems
Generating and exploiting new entry strategies
New entry
Generation of a new entry opportunity
Entry strategy for new entry exploitation
Utilizing social media for new business
Creativity, innovation and the business opportunity
Sources of new ideas
Methods for generating ideas
Assessing the entrepreneurship environment
Opportunity recognition and the opportunity assessment plan
Introduction to SWOT analysis
Business Model Canvas (BMC)
Information sources in Malaysian context
Business plan
Introductory to business plan
Marketing plan
Operation plan
Organizational plan
Financial plan
Starting a new venture
Legal forms of business (in Malaysia)
Business licenses and permit
Business rights and protection (Intellectual property protection)

Assignment brief of ENT 530 Principles of Entrepreneurship

In this course, there are many types of assignments given to students like
a group project, individual assignment, report, business plan, business proposal, executive summary, and the solutions are given by us.

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Assignment Task 1: Examine the case related to entrepreneurship

In this assignment sample, we will try to explain the various risks and challenges that an entrepreneur is likely to face.

Another thing you might want to know about being an entrepreneur is the balancing act of work-life and family responsibilities.

One study found that while 81% of entrepreneurs report they watch their children very closely as they grow up, almost all say they wish there were more hours in the day so they could spend more time with them. Entrepreneurs work a lot, but often see their kids for only a few minutes during weekdays when school is on and on weekends if not working overtime or on days off. It is also a high-risk job and one’s future largely depends on the success or failure of their own project.

As with any start-up, there are some major risks associated with investing in something risky; entrepreneurship is no different so be sure you are aware before investing time or money into trying something.

Assignment Task2: Demonstrate entrepreneurial skills in creating a business via Social Media

In this assignment sample, we will discuss the role of Social Media which is quickly becoming the most powerful sales tool, strictly because it’s the most current mode of communication. It efficiently connects with a broad range of people in a wide array of networks and companies, which when coupled with its potential to notify people instantly makes it the best place to sell. In fact, 88% of small businesses saw increased revenue after adding social media channels into their marketing plan!

Moreover, 97% percent of marketers active on social sites claimed that at least one promotion on their site drove them tangible results like leads or increased demand for products. Plus, 83% reported using video specifically as part of their campaign strategy.

It can only be concluded then that successful entrepreneurs have the ability to work on Social Media sites for themselves and for the organization.

Assignment Task 3: Demonstrate leadership and communication skills in preparing a business plan using Business Model Canvas

In this solved assignment, we will discuss the business model canvas, business model is the framework that defines a company and is essential in understanding the related concepts of entrepreneurship, management, and venture capital.

The Business Model Canvas was created by Alex Osterwalder to tackle the operative aspect of how to make money in an increasingly inter-connected digital world while taking into consideration desirable features of different companies.

The blueprint provides a structured canvas that all participants can speak about – it doesn’t allow for generalities but forces discipline so as to move out of ambiguity towards clarity.

The comprehensive model includes ten building blocks that address four dimensions

  • Reality,
  • Customer segments/vertical solutions
  • Value proposition
  • Differentiation/channels).

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