EBQ2054 Business Research Method UM Assignment Sample, Malaysia

The EBQ2054 Business Research Methods course at the University of Malaya (UM) in Malaysia equips students with essential skills in conducting rigorous and ethical business research. The curriculum covers diverse research methodologies, data collection techniques, and analysis methods, fostering a comprehensive understanding of the research process. Students engage in practical applications, developing proficiency in designing research projects and critically evaluating academic literature. 

The EBQ2054 course emphasizes the significance of ethical considerations and prepares students to contribute meaningfully to the business research landscape. Through a combination of theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience, students are empowered to undertake effective and impactful business research in a global context.

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Assignment Brief 1: Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the chosen design and propose alternative approaches if applicable

The assignment brief is asking you to evaluate and provide a detailed discussion about the strengths and weaknesses of a specific research design that has been chosen or provided. Additionally, if applicable, you are expected to propose alternative approaches to the chosen design.

Here’s a breakdown of the key components:

Discuss the Strengths and Weaknesses:

Strengths: Identify and elaborate on the positive aspects of the chosen research design. This could include factors such as its ability to provide valid and reliable results, efficiency in data collection, or suitability for the research question.

Weaknesses: Identify and discuss the limitations or drawbacks of the chosen research design. This might involve considerations like potential biases, limitations in generalizability, or practical challenges in implementation.

Propose Alternative Approaches: If the weaknesses of the chosen design are significant or if there are alternative methods that might better suit the research objectives, propose alternative research designs. Explain why these alternatives may be more appropriate and how they address the limitations of the original design.

Provide a Comprehensive Analysis: Offer a balanced and thorough analysis of both the strengths and weaknesses. Support your points with relevant literature, examples, or references to existing studies that have used similar or alternative research designs.

Consider Practical Implications: Discuss the practical implications of the strengths and weaknesses. For instance, consider how the identified weaknesses might impact the reliability and validity of the research findings, and how alternative approaches could enhance the overall quality of the study.

Demonstrate Critical Thinking: Approach the assignment with a critical mindset. Engage in thoughtful reflection on the implications of the chosen design and alternatives. Consider the trade-offs involved in selecting one design over another and demonstrate your ability to think critically about research methodology.

In summary, this assignment brief is asking you to thoroughly evaluate a chosen research design, highlighting both its positive aspects and limitations. It also encourages you to think critically and propose alternative approaches that may address the identified weaknesses. Be sure to support your arguments with relevant evidence and provide a well-reasoned analysis.

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Assignment Brief 2: Discuss and compare different sampling techniques in business research

The assignment brief is instructing you to engage in a discussion where you compare various sampling techniques commonly used in business research. Here’s an explanation of the key elements:

Discuss Different Sampling Techniques: Start by providing explanations for different sampling techniques commonly used in business research. This might include methods such as random sampling, stratified sampling, convenience sampling, snowball sampling, etc. Ensure that you offer a clear understanding of each technique.

Compare the Techniques: The main focus of the assignment is to compare these sampling techniques. This involves discussing the unique characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages of each technique. Highlight the situations or types of research questions where a particular sampling technique might be more appropriate.

Consider Practical Implications: Discuss the practical implications of using each sampling technique. This could involve considerations such as the cost, time, and resources required for implementation. Address how each technique might impact the feasibility and efficiency of the research.

Examine Representativeness: Analyze the representativeness of each sampling technique. Discuss how well each method ensures that the sample is a true reflection of the larger population under study. Consider potential biases and limitations associated with each technique.

Evaluate Applicability: Consider and discuss the applicability of each sampling technique in different business research contexts. Explore scenarios where one technique might be more suitable than others based on the nature of the study and the characteristics of the target population.

Provide Examples: Illustrate your discussion with real-world examples or hypothetical scenarios. Show how different sampling techniques have been applied in specific business research studies and the impact of those choices on the research outcomes.

Use Academic References: Support your discussion with references to academic literature. Cite relevant studies or scholarly articles that discuss the application and effectiveness of different sampling techniques in business research.

Offer Recommendations: Based on your analysis, offer recommendations for selecting the most appropriate sampling technique in different business research scenarios. Consider factors like the research objectives, the nature of the population, and the available resources.

In summary, this assignment brief requires you to delve into a comprehensive discussion comparing different sampling techniques in the context of business research. Make sure to structure your discussion logically and provide a well-supported analysis, using academic references to strengthen your arguments.

Assignment Brief 3: Analyze how a comprehensive literature review contributes to the development of research questions and the overall research process.

Assignment Brief 3 is asking you to analyze the role of a comprehensive literature review in shaping research questions and influencing the overall research process. Here’s an explanation of the key elements:

Define a Comprehensive Literature Review: Begin by defining what a comprehensive literature review is. Explain that it involves a thorough and systematic examination of existing literature on a specific topic to identify gaps, trends, and relevant findings.

Discuss the Purpose of a Literature Review: Explain the primary purposes of a literature review, such as providing context for the research, identifying existing gaps, understanding the current state of knowledge, and establishing a theoretical framework.

Explore the Connection to Research Questions: Analyze how a comprehensive literature review contributes to the development of research questions. Discuss how a thorough review allows researchers to identify gaps or controversies in the existing literature, leading to the formulation of meaningful and relevant research questions.

Highlight the Role in Conceptual Framework: Discuss how a literature review contributes to the development of the conceptual framework for a study. Explain how it helps researchers build on existing theories and concepts, providing a foundation for formulating hypotheses and research questions.

Examine the Identification of Variables: Explore how a literature review aids in the identification of key variables or factors that need to be considered in the research. Discuss how existing studies may highlight important variables and relationships, influencing the development of research questions.

Discuss the Evolution of Research Questions: Analyze how research questions may evolve through the literature review process. Discuss how initial questions may be refined or modified based on the insights gained from the existing body of literature.

Consider the Scope and Focus: Discuss how a literature review helps researchers define the scope and focus of their study. Consider how a thorough review guides researchers in determining the specific aspects of the topic that their study will address.

Explore Methodological Considerations: Discuss how a literature review informs methodological choices. Explain how researchers may gain insights into the most appropriate research methods and approaches based on the methods used in previous studies reviewed.

Provide Examples: Illustrate your points with examples from real-world studies or hypothetical scenarios. Show how a comprehensive literature review has directly influenced the development of research questions in specific research contexts.

In summary, this assignment brief is prompting you to thoroughly analyze and explain how a comprehensive literature review serves as a crucial foundation for the development of research questions and the overall research process. Ensure that your analysis is well-supported and consider using academic references to strengthen your arguments.

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