MPU3173 Malaysian Studies 3 (Pengajian Malaysia 3) Assignment Sample

MPU 3173 Pengajian Malaysia 3 (Malaysian Studies 3) Assignment Sample Malaysia

This MPU 3173 Malaysian Studies 3 or Pengajian Malaysia 3 assignment sample helps you understand the society, nation-building process, and political structure of Malaysia. Students will  also learn about what influences this country on a global level as well

Malaysia, once a colony of the British Empire, is now one of Asia’s most diverse nations with over 50 ethnic groups. This diversity has led to conflict at times in Malaysia’s history but recent decades have seen periods where there was greater integration among different races and religions within society which helped lead to nation-building.

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On the successful completion of the module, students should be able tome

Assignment Task 1: Explain the history of the country and nation

In this assignment sample, students will get brief information on the history of the nation. Malaysia was first colonized by the British primarily to extract resources for international trade and also as a way to promote a higher quality of life in parts of the world under colonization.

In 1957, when Malaya gained its independence from the British following World War II, it gained UN membership as an independent nation. This had been accomplished with little violence thanks primarily to a heavy reliance on negotiation and diplomacy–a trend that would continue into their post-independence relationship with their former rulers. This period also ushered in economic initiatives such as land reform which led all people in Malaya regardless of race or religion.

Assignment Task 2: Discuss societal development from the aspect of socio-cultural, political, and economics

This assignment sample students will see the political development from different aspects, Malaysia, which is a multi-racial society and follows the idea of “Unity in Diversity”, has always strived for this unity in spite of their cultural differences.
The socio-cultural development of Malaysia can be categorized into three eras: the British colonized period (1809 – 1957), the independent period (1957 – 1997), and the unity era after independence (1998 – now).

The politics under the recent unity era since 1998 have been very progressive with many changes being implemented to enrich our culture. One example is that more emphasis had been put on teaching Bahasa Melayu language as the national language alongside English so that people who grew up without having an opportunity to learn it would have a chance.

Assignment Task 3: Recall the contribution of the leaders involved in the struggle for independence and in protecting the countries sovereignty

This assignment sample briefly discusses the contribution of freedom fighters in protecting the nation’s sovereignty.
Tengku Abdul Jalil Tengku Mohd Amin was the third Yang di-Pertuan Agong of Malaysia who reigned from 1960 until his death in 1962. He Malaysianized Malays above any other identity and emphasized the restoration of Malay dignity and rights that had been neglected for many years.
He told to be very patriotic and worked hard to preserve ties between PMUM (Perbadanan Umum Bagi Kewangan Islam) – Islamic Finance Development Authority with United Nations’ Geneva-based Islamic Financial Services Board (IFSB). He demonstrated this deep sense of responsibility by appointing Muhammad, whose daughter was held in kidnapper’s custody, as his prime minister. This act proved him a loving leader deeply.

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Assignment Task 4: Analyze Malaysia’s roles and contribution in the international arena

This assignment sample discusses the roles and contribution in international arena. Malaysia is a key player in the Asian region, as both a leader and an influential actor. It has been active in shaping regional economic cooperation frameworks such as ASEAN and APEC, and was an early signatory to the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement. Bilateral agreements with other major economies also had led to significant developments, namely with China (the High-Level Economic Cooperation Committee) and Japan.

Malaysia benefits from its diverse mix of cultural roots through programs such as Malay vernacular schools that foster trilingualism; a competitive business environment; traditional emphasis on living in harmony with neighbors; one of Asia’s most successful national development policies; geographical proximity to developing countries which offer huge opportunities for linking purveyors.

Assignment Task 5: To inculcate patriotism and to enhance self dignity (jati diri) as Malaysian citizen

This assignment example introduce and enhance self dignity as Malaysian civilian, there are ways of inculcating patriotism and enhancing self dignity.

One way is to never forget our vernacular language, Bahasa Malaysia. Strengthen your service orientation through a heart-felt sentiment.

We should take vanguard in taking care of our country’s socio-political needs by being actively involved in politics, volunteering for community services as well as education trips to different parts of the world (other than our homeland) so that we become more understanding on various cultures and have greater appreciation for different lifestyles.

We can also boost patriotism by knowing more about Malaysia’s national history. Let us be proud of being Malaysians by keeping up date with latest national development news and views on social media platforms.

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