CSC732 Computer Graphics, Visualisation And Animation Assignment Example Malaysia

This course teaches you how to use computer graphics in order for your designs or artwork to come alive. You’ll learn about the most important topics like primitives, viewing objects, and rendering them on screen! This is an excellent introduction if this sounds at all interesting because it covers two-dimensional models as well as three dimensions which gives us even more opportunities with our work.

This course is great for those who are interested in building their own models programmatically. The course does require some previous knowledge of programming, but it’s not too hard to learn the basics if you’re motivated. It uses the Python programming language, which is somewhat easy to grasp and perfect for learning algorithms.

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The instructor makes this subject interesting and easy to understand because he uses an evolutionary algorithm as the main example. This is a great thing because it’s fun and you can program your own. There are also other computer graphics examples like ray tracing which you can code up.

If you’re interested in learning more about the math behind computer graphics, this is definitely something for you because it goes deeply into mathematical concepts. The instructor explains things pretty well and uses lots of images to make it easier to understand.

Programming knowledge is required but some mathematics concepts go a long way. The course shows you what kinds of things are possible with computer graphics and teaches all the important basics on this subject.

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At the end of this course you will be able to answer the following questions:

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Assignment Task 1: Describe the basic elements Three Dimensional Object Representation and Visible Surface Detection technique

One way to create a 3D model is by using the visible surface detection technique. This is done by placing two points on any object with transparent surfaces, and then tracing lines between them to find the point corresponding to each pixel on its front. Though, this can be time-consuming due to the low accuracy of manual tracking methods usually used for building initial models except where digital cameras are available. But it becomes more acceptable when augmented with machine learning algorithms which can improve operational efficiency, especially when considering the higher cost of acquiring precise data through other tasks like laser scans or photogrammetry because these too suffer from inaccuracy due to occlusion.

One can also create 3D geometry without finding the visible surface of an object by introducing voxels which are the 3D equivalent of pixels only in the world of volume (not 2D).  A voxel is a volumetric pixel which is actually more like a mathematical function to measure the distance between any point of space or object and an origin point.

Voxels are typically employed in the video game industry.  For example, voxel-based mesh is a type of 3D model that’s used by several games for representing very large but mostly non-transparent objects like mountains or buildings.  This is because voxel models usually take less memory and CPU time to render than polygonal datasets.  Another application of voxels is as geometry for volume visualization which can be used in medical science too like CT scans .

Assignment Task 2: Apply 3D Object Representation, Visible Surface Detection, Illumination Model and Surface Rendering Methods

The Visible Surface Techniques (VST) is an early example of a rendering technique for generating images on the fly, without pre-processing. It begins with an overview of three dimensional graphical data representation and detectable surface detection prior illuminating with light models. Next is the discussion of 4 form of illumination model rendered by scanline polygon rasterizer, raycasting method (hardware acceleration using 3D graphic accelerator), radiosity model obtained by Monte Carlo integration and photon mapping and concludes with a discussion on two popular surface rendering methods: Order-Acrylic Drawings and Phong’s Model.

Most of the common computer graphics-related algorithms are two-dimensional. However, there are also many applications that benefit from three-dimensional processing, e.g., medical imaging or the visualization of non-linear data sets. This is where volumetric rendering algorithms can be used to visualize these types of complex 3D data sets in a more intuitive way.

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VST is concerned with the special case of three-dimensional rendering where only the surfaces are visible. For each surface, a normal vector and its color value are specified. The visible surface algorithm calculates which surfaces intersect any given ray originating at the eye, producing an image that has a well-defined front and back. It works by first determining the intersection between the ray and each triangle that defines a surface. It then determines which of these intersections are visible because they are part of surfaces that are front-facing relative to the viewer.

Assignment Task 3: Use the basic logic constructs that will serve as models for any program development

Surface rendering is a method where a relatively simple representation of what you’re drawing – for example, a wireframe model overlaid with an image map to simulate texture mapping – is used to give the impression that there’s more detail or realism in your work than exists.

In graphics programming, surface rendering is typically made up of three major steps: assembling triangles from textures and vertices, transforming them so they (for instance) face the camera on the screen correctly, and finally rushing the rendered scene onto the screen for display. If you really want to know everything about it, read this 27 chapter epic tutorial on 3D Computer Graphics. An External Surface Rendering approach uses the destination pixel destination address as its own source image, which can be trivially obtained by transforming coordinates. Alternatively, an Internal Surface Rendering method takes the pixel’s coefficient (alpha channel) and blends it with another pixel in a 2-dimensional array to produce the alpha channel of that destination pixel. Blending with 1 or more pixels is done using additive color blending equations.

For Internal renderers to work, the destination pixel must lie within a certain range of the lookup table. There are various methods for determining this fact, but they all end up with functions that look like this:

float ConstructLUT(float x, float y)

This function will be called many times per second and must thus be very efficient. The performance of this function is particularly important for this class of algorithms since the pixel shader has to do a lot of work for each output pixel as well as switching between rendering states (read: textures) all the time.

Assignment Task 4: Apply the basic concept of animation techniques and productions

There are many different animation techniques and productions, including drawn animation, stop-motion animation, claymation, or drawn graphic novels. Indrawn animation each frame is drawn by hand on a drawings table then photographed one after the other to create a film. Claymation is a 3D/2D stop motion technique for animating objects in space where portions of the sculpture could be added to or removed from while shooting frames of photography producing an illusion of movement. A drawn graphic novel may use sequential illustration where panels reflect the flow of time in order to get the reader caught up in the visual storyline unfolding before them. Of course, there are many other categories worth mentioning, but these are some examples that get at high-level distinctions.

Animation has been around for quite some time. One of the earliest examples of animation would be Disney’s Steamboat Willie which was produced in 1928. It was a huge success, and there have been many other successful examples of animation since then, but recently I’ve become very interested in a specific example of animation that has a documentary style to it. This type of animated documentary is typically referred to as graphic novels or comics.

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