CSC134 Computer And Information Processing Assignment Example UiTM Malaysia

This course provides a foundational understanding of computing, emphasizing its significance in today’s world. It covers essential computer literacy, highlighting key concepts from a user’s perspective. Topics include computer functionality, its impact on learning, communication, and business, alongside computer security, ethics, current trends, and practical experience with popular applications.

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Assignment Activity 1: Explain the concept, components and processing of computer, communication, security, and ethics in the industry.

Assignment Activity 1 involves explaining various fundamental aspects related to computers, communication, security, and ethics within the industry. Here’s a breakdown of what each part of the assignment requires:

  1. Concept of Computers:
    • Define what a computer is and its primary functions.
    • Discuss the evolution of computers and their significance in today’s world.
    • Explain how computers process information, including input, processing, output, and storage.
  2. Components of Computers:
    • Detail the essential components of a computer system (CPU, memory, storage devices, input/output devices, etc.).
    • Explain the role and functionality of each component within the computer system.
    • Describe how these components work together to perform computing tasks.
  3. Communication in the Industry:
    • Discuss the importance of communication technology in the industry.
    • Explain different communication methods used in the industry (such as networking, internet, email, etc.).
    • Highlight how effective communication systems contribute to efficient operations in various industries.
  4. Security in the Industry:
    • Explain the significance of computer security in the industry.
    • Discuss common threats (viruses, malware, hacking, etc.) and security measures used to protect computer systems and data.
    • Describe encryption, access control, and other security practices implemented in the industry.
  5. Ethics in the Industry:
    • Discuss ethical considerations related to computer usage in the industry.
    • Explain the importance of ethical behavior in handling data, privacy, intellectual property, and information sharing.
    • Highlight ethical dilemmas that can arise in the use of technology within industries and how they can be addressed.

Assignment Activity 2: Display technical skills as performed in lab practical by using various software applications.

Assignment Activity 2 involves showcasing technical skills through hands-on practice in a laboratory setting using different software applications. Here’s a breakdown of what this assignment might entail:

  1. Lab Practical:
    • Engage in practical sessions within a laboratory or computer environment.
    • Demonstrate proficiency and application of technical skills using software applications.
  2. Software Applications:
    • Utilize various software programs relevant to the course or industry.
    • Examples might include word processing software (Microsoft Word, Google Docs), spreadsheet software (Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets), presentation software (Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides), database management software (Microsoft Access, MySQL), graphic design tools (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator), etc.
  3. Displaying Technical Skills:
    • Execute tasks or projects using the chosen software applications.
    • Showcase proficiency in using different features, tools, and functionalities of these software programs.
    • Perform tasks related to creating documents, spreadsheets, presentations, designing graphics, managing data, or any other relevant activities aligned with the course objectives.
  4. Documentation or Presentation:
    • Create documentation or a presentation outlining the performed tasks or projects.
    • Detail the steps taken, methodologies used, and challenges faced during the practical sessions.
    • Include screenshots, examples, or outputs generated from the software applications to illustrate your technical skills.
  5. Assessment of Skills:
    • Evaluation might be based on the quality of work produced, the accuracy of tasks completed, creativity shown, and adherence to best practices within the software applications.
    • Demonstrating efficiency, problem-solving skills, and the ability to utilize software functionalities effectively can be key assessment criteria.

The assignment aims to assess the student’s ability to practically apply knowledge gained from the course in using various software applications. It requires active engagement in hands-on activities to demonstrate proficiency, problem-solving abilities, and understanding of how to use these tools to accomplish specific tasks or projects relevant to the course objectives.

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Assignment Activity 3: Demonstrate leadership, autonomy and responsibility to solve computer and information processing problems in group work.

Assignment Activity 3 involves participating in a group project where you’ll showcase leadership, autonomy, and responsibility in solving computer and information processing problems. Here’s a breakdown of what this assignment might entail:

  1. Group Work:
    • Form or be assigned to a group comprising multiple individuals.
    • Collaborate with team members to solve computer-related problems or work on information processing tasks.
  2. Demonstrating Leadership:
    • Take on a leadership role within the group.
    • Lead discussions, guide the team in problem-solving, and help delegate tasks among group members.
    • Show initiative in decision-making and fostering a collaborative environment within the team.
  3. Autonomy and Responsibility:
    • Independently take ownership of certain aspects of the project.
    • Demonstrate autonomy by handling specific tasks or components related to solving computer or information processing problems.
    • Be accountable for the successful completion of the assigned tasks within the group project.
  4. Problem-Solving:
    • Identify and define computer or information processing problems relevant to the project.
    • Develop strategies or approaches to solve these problems effectively within the group context.
    • Apply critical thinking and analytical skills to address challenges encountered during the project.
  5. Communication and Collaboration:
    • Maintain effective communication within the group, sharing ideas, progress, and insights.
    • Collaborate with team members, respecting their inputs and contributions.
    • Foster a cohesive and productive team dynamic to achieve common project goals.
  6. Presentation or Documentation:
    • Present the group’s findings, solutions, or outcomes related to the computer and information processing problems.
    • Prepare a report, presentation, or any documentation showcasing the process followed, methodologies used, challenges faced, and the solutions implemented.

This assignment aims to evaluate your ability to work effectively in a group setting while demonstrating leadership qualities, autonomy, and responsibility in addressing computer and information processing issues. It assesses your problem-solving skills, communication abilities, teamwork, and your capacity to take charge and contribute to the successful completion of a collaborative project.

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