CSC566 UiTM Image Processing Assignment Example Malaysia

This course is intended to provide students with a fundamental understanding of image processing, its most common techniques, and mathematical foundations. It’s structured so that you can understand how digital images are formed and enhanced at their core while also learning about other areas such as segmentation or industrial applications for this knowledge in various fields like medical imaging where it may be used on a regular basis. Upon completion, we hope they’ll have competence applying concepts related directly within an application project; additionally having achieved some level research abilities when considering what direction future studies might look into next.

Image processing is a technique that allows us to analyze and manipulate images. Through image enhancement or segmentation, we can take an image and make it superior to it was before. This involves changing the brightness or contrast of an image, removing red-eye from pictures, tracking objects in video sequences by color, cropping as well as rotating as an image to name a few. As technology has advanced, imaging techniques are used in all aspects of life from security systems where facial recognition is routinely employed to medical diagnosis through Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) which produces 2D or 3D images that allow doctors to see inside the human body without surgery. Medical imaging not only allows doctors to determine the cause of pain or illness but also to see how it’s affected the human body.

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Topics covered in this course are:

  • Fundamentals of Image Processing
  • Image Models, Representations, And Properties
  • Sampling and Quantization
  • Enhancement
  • Morphological Operations
  • Image Segmentation
  • Color Image Processing
  •  Representation and Description

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Assignment Brief 1: Construct image processing algorithm using image processing tools

Image processing algorithms primarily serve three purposes. The first two are individualistic and can be developed without particular attention to input data (although inputs can have a dramatic effect on the algorithm); they are not so much about what the image is, but rather how it looks. The third purpose is developing algorithms that respond to what an image is. These do not need so much visual feedback as they require qualitative information, which makes them good candidates for blind image processing tasks. Such algorithms might include object detection or recognition with bounding boxes around objects in images with an example database of bounding boxes trained on labeled images without labels.

Construct image processing algorithms using image processing tools, such as Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom.

Photoshop and other applications that offer basic editing capabilities are available for purchase at a variety of places around the web. These applications can be used to construct an image processing algorithm with relative ease. For more advanced editing needs, Adobe Lightroom, which is primarily designated to photo alteration, can be one of many helpful tools in achieving this goal. It is also necessary to create a blueprint from which all other algorithms will derive from.

Assignment Brief 2: Evaluate scientific skill in image processing techniques.

There are a number of image processing techniques that one can learn to use, and they range from very simple processes such as contrast adjustment – which can easily be done through free programs such as GIMP- to complex algorithms like the Sobel algorithm. What’s more, each type of technology has its own strengths and weaknesses, allowing for different types of images to be edited in different ways; stills photos vs. videos (e.g., transitions); day vs. night (dynamic range), etc.

It is tough to make any generalized statement about scientific skill in image processing and computer vision as there are many different methods, and what’s more, they each require a large amount of background knowledge to fully understand.

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The advantages that come with an increased knowledge of image processing can be summed up as follows:

1) The ability to control digital images by interpreting their characteristics and providing feedback to adjust these characteristics using image processing. This is the case with color correction, contrast adjustment or brightness/contrast settings, for example.

2) The ability to capture photos that contain more information (i.e., higher quality) than would otherwise be possible on a particular camera setup (system). This process requires the conversion of light into digital data – usually accepted as an image – through the process of sampling.

3) The ability to control digital images by interpreting their characteristics and providing feedback to adjust these characteristics using image processing. This is the case with color correction, contrast adjustment, or brightness/contrast settings, for example.

4) Digital filtering (i.e., image enhancement) techniques can be used to add or remove content from an image, mask the resolution of a photo in different ways, add noise to it before removing it through smoothing techniques, and what’s more.

5) Some simple image processing algorithms can also be used to detect features such as lines, circles, edges, etc., which can then be used for other purposes such as object tracking, motion detection, and what’s more.

6) Image processing can also be used for motion estimation, which is extremely useful when combined with other technologies such as Computer Vision (CV). CV is the general name given to a set of methods that rely on the automatic computation of numerical description or recognition of objects within images.

Assignment Brief 3: Formulates autonomous learning in image processing techniques.

Image processing techniques under the autonomous learner’s formulate would be modified to account for a given image with labeled objects. Image processing algorithms traditionally require a manually drawn box around the desired object in order to isolate it from everything else in the image. The use of an automated system can help further remove any inaccuracies or alignment details that arise from this manual method. In doing so, labels on parts of the given object will trigger identification as its container as well as editing indications which could solve errors leading to incorrect labeling. 

So what does that mean? It means if you need to know more about how an autonomous learned algorithm is modifying inputs, running certain types of tests, analyzing trends and coming up with conclusions through these steps; this is an excellent opportunity to integrate image processing technologies with the output of the learner’s data processing. The input would be a user defined box within the image and further analysis by specific algorithms could propagate through said images for greater identification patterns. 

Image processing under the autonomous learner can be used to identify objects or parts of objects that can then be used to edit or solve an inputted image for analysis of more specific patterns.

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