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CTU101 UITM Prinsip-prinsip Asas Islam assignment sample Malaysia/ CTU101 UITM The basic principles of Islam assignment sample Malaysia

CTU101 UITM Prinsip-prinsip Asas Islam assignment sample Malaysia/ CTU101 UITM The basic principles of Islam assignment sample Malaysia

This assignment sample Prinsip-prinsip Asas Islam is an interesting subject to learn about. It is a great way to gain knowledge on the fundamentals of Islam and what it stands for. This assignment sample will cover everything you need to know about this course, so read on!
Assignment sample Prinsip-prinsip Asas Islam assignment is a very important part of the course. It helps us to be prepared for our future in the workplace and as parents.

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Assignment Solutions of CTU101 UITM Prinsip-prinsip Asas Islam

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Assignment Task 1: Menunjukkan keyakinan diri dan hubungan komunikasi sosial melalui pendekatan amalan harian berdasarkan prinsip Islam/Demonstrate self-confidence and social communication relationships through a daily practice approach based on Islamic principles

This assignment example shows that there are many ways to demonstrate self-confidence and social communication. In Islam, it is important for people to follow through on their commitments regardless of what this sounds like. It’s recommended for each Muslim believer to reflect upon themselves and determine the hopeful side of life (virtues) they wish to embody over the rest of their lifetime. Such a list should look something like this:

  • Determination in seeking reward
  • Love for justice
  • Compassion towards those less fortunate than oneself
  • Ignoring worldly pleasures
  • Honesty with one’s self and others)
  • Focus on the outcome as opposed to being distracted by trivial details that do not matter in the grand scheme of things
  • Certainly perseverance against all odds
  • To take responsibility when needed

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Assignment Task 2: Menunjukkan nilai-nilai moral melalui perbincangan mengenai kesan dan kepentingan pelaksanaan akhlak sederhana berdasarkan prinsip Islam/Demonstrate moral values ​​through discussion of the impact and significance of the implementation of simple morals based on Islamic principles

In this assignment example, we will discuss Islamic morals and values which are based on the word of God as revealed to his servant, Muhammad (peace be upon him), during his last twenty-three years in Makkah. Deeply rooted in the Qur’an and secondarily supported by the hadith literature, these principles give meaning to virtually every member’s life. It is part of Islam’s mission to promote a moral way of life among all people, whatever their attitude towards Islam may be or where they live. In order for this mission to be successful it must grant support for human values through practical advice and involvement at all levels.

A discussion of the Islamic principle tawheed (the oneness or unity) would reveal its great.

Assignment Task 3: Membuat pembentangan dan pelaporan hasil perbincangan mengenai Islam sebagai al-Din berdasarkan prinsip Islam/Make a written presentation and reporting of the results of discussions on Islam as an al-Din based on Islamic principles

The assignment sample elaborates the Islamic culture which is based on the ideals of al-Din, meaning “rule by divine law.” Islamic social values are drawn from a range of sources that include both Quranic teaching and traditions recorded in hadith, as well as ideas from regional cultures.

What makes this creed so unique is that it not only prescribes legality for all spheres of life but also asserts a need to prioritize al-din. Primarily it does so by revealing how religion relates to the cosmos and existence, such that what one chooses affects their ultimate goal in life (either rebirth or annihilation). As Mohammad Abu Al – Fadl says, “People are then confronted with two clearest alternatives: obey God’s will and do good deeds out.

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Get solved CTU101 UITM Prinsip-prinsip Asas Islam  assignment Malaysia/CTU 101 UITM The basic principles of Islam assignment Malaysia

The above assignment sample is based on CTU101 UITM Prinsip-prinsip Asas Islam assignment Malaysia/ CTU101 UITM The basic principles of Islam assignment Malaysia.

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