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CGE654 Well Completion is a course offered by UiTM. This course is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the well completion process, which is a crucial aspect of drilling and production in the oil and gas industry. During this course, students will be introduced to the various techniques and technologies used in well completion, including perforating, cementing, tubing, and completion fluids. The course will also cover the design and selection of completion equipment, wellbore hydraulics, and well stimulation techniques.

Through a combination of theoretical lectures, practical exercises, and case studies, students will develop the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully plan and execute a well completion project. The course will also emphasize the importance of safety and environmental responsibility in the well completion process.

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In this section, we discuss some assignment activities. These are:

Assignment Activity 1: Describe full scope requirements for well completion design and strategy and utilize the relevant parameters to design well completion.

The scope requirements for well completion design and strategy involve a range of factors that must be considered to ensure the well is completed safely, efficiently, and effectively. Some of the essential parameters that should be taken into account include:

  1. Reservoir characteristics: This includes the depth, thickness, and type of reservoir being drilled, as well as its porosity and permeability. Understanding these factors is crucial in determining the type of completion strategy to be used.
  2. Production targets: The production targets for the well will influence the completion design, including the type of completion equipment and techniques to be used. For example, if the target is to produce oil, the completion strategy may involve the use of a packer and tubing to extract the oil.
  3. Wellbore geometry: This includes the diameter and length of the wellbore, which will determine the type of completion equipment that can be used.
  4. Formation properties: The properties of the formation, such as its strength, brittleness, and stress regime, will influence the completion design, including the selection of completion techniques, the type of sand control, and the type of casing and tubing to be used.
  5. Completion equipment: This includes the type of packers, tubing, and screens to be used, as well as the type of stimulation equipment and techniques.

The following steps can be taken to design a well completion:

  1. Identify the completion objectives and production targets for the well.
  2. Determine the wellbore geometry, including the diameter and length of the wellbore.
  3. Evaluate the reservoir characteristics, such as porosity, permeability, and strength, to determine the most appropriate completion strategy.
  4. Select the completion equipment to be used based on the objectives of the completion, the reservoir characteristics, and the production targets.
  5. Develop a completion design plan that incorporates the selected completion equipment and techniques.
  6. Perform a risk assessment and safety analysis of the completion design to ensure that it meets safety standards and regulations.
  7. Implement the completion design plan, ensuring that all equipment is installed and operated according to manufacturer recommendations and safety standards.
  8. Conduct post-completion testing and analysis to ensure that the well has been completed successfully and that production targets are being met.

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Assignment Activity 2: Describe the technology and methods to perform analysis for cost effective well completion design and strategy to meet all requirements in terms of safety, production and well integrity.

Well completion design and strategy involve a combination of technologies and methods to ensure that a well is safe, productive, and has integrity. The following are some of the technologies and methods used in analyzing cost-effective well completion design and strategy:

  1. Well Logging: Well logging is a method of recording the characteristics of the subsurface formations that are penetrated by a wellbore. By analyzing the data collected, engineers can determine the best completion design and strategy for a particular well.
  2. Reservoir Modeling: Reservoir modeling involves the use of computer programs to simulate the behavior of a reservoir. By analyzing the data collected from well logs and other sources, engineers can create a model of the reservoir and determine the best completion design and strategy to maximize production.
  3. Hydraulic Fracturing: Hydraulic fracturing involves the use of high-pressure fluids to create fractures in the subsurface formations surrounding a wellbore. By analyzing the data collected from well logs and other sources, engineers can determine the best completion design and strategy for hydraulic fracturing to maximize production.
  4. Artificial Lift: Artificial lift involves the use of mechanical or electrical devices to lift fluids from a wellbore to the surface. By analyzing the data collected from well logs and other sources, engineers can determine the best completion design and strategy for artificial lift to maximize production.
  5. Material Selection: Material selection involves choosing the right materials for well completion design and strategy. By analyzing the data collected from well logs and other sources, engineers can choose materials that are cost-effective, safe, and have high integrity.

To analyze cost-effective well completion design and strategy, engineers typically follow a systematic approach that includes the following steps:

  1. Define Objectives: Engineers define the objectives of the project in terms of safety, production, and well integrity.
  2. Collect Data: Engineers collect data from well logs, reservoir models, and other sources to determine the best completion design and strategy.
  3. Analyze Data: Engineers analyze the data collected to determine the best completion design and strategy for the well.
  4. Develop Designs: Engineers develop designs for well completion and strategy based on the analysis of the data collected.
  5. Evaluate Designs: Engineers evaluate the designs developed to ensure that they meet all the objectives defined.
  6. Implement Designs: Engineers implement the designs developed to ensure that the well is safe, productive, and has integrity.

Assignment Activity 3: Describe and explain design, planning and execution of well completion in FDP, Field Review and Workovers.

Well completion is a crucial step in the oil and gas industry that involves preparing the wellbore for production by installing the necessary equipment and completing the cementing and stimulation process. The design, planning, and execution of well completion are essential to ensure optimal production and safety of the well.

Design: The design of the well completion is usually based on the reservoir characteristics and production goals. This involves selecting the appropriate type of completion, such as open hole completion, cased hole completion, or perforated completion. The design will also include selecting the type of completion equipment, such as packers, screens, tubing, and valves, and determining their size and placement.

Planning: Once the design is finalized, the planning phase begins, which involves developing a comprehensive plan for the well completion operation. This includes selecting the appropriate drilling rig and equipment, ensuring the availability of necessary materials and personnel, and preparing a detailed timeline for the operation. The planning phase also involves identifying potential risks and developing contingency plans to mitigate these risks.

Execution: The execution phase involves carrying out the well completion operation as per the design and plan. This involves installing the necessary equipment, such as the casing, tubing, packers, and valves, and carrying out the cementing and stimulation process. The execution phase also involves testing the well and ensuring that it is ready for production.

Field Development Plan (FDP): The FDP is a comprehensive plan that outlines the development of a particular oil or gas field over a period of time. The well completion design, planning, and execution are an integral part of the FDP, which outlines the production goals, the equipment and technology to be used, and the timeline for completion.

Field Review: Field review is a critical step in the well completion process that involves reviewing the operation after completion to ensure that it meets the production goals and safety standards. This involves inspecting the well and equipment, testing the production levels, and identifying any issues that need to be addressed.

Workovers: Workovers are necessary when a well experiences issues that affect its production, such as damaged equipment or clogged perforations. Workovers involve carrying out a new completion operation to repair or replace the damaged equipment, clean the wellbore, or re-stimulate the formation to improve production. The design, planning, and execution of workovers are similar to those of initial completions.

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