CGE616 Enhanced Oil Recovery UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

CGE616 Enhanced Oil Recovery course at Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM). This course is designed to provide students with an in-depth understanding of the methods and techniques used in the enhanced oil recovery process. Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) is a crucial process used to extract additional oil from reservoirs that cannot be recovered using conventional production techniques. EOR techniques involve injecting different types of fluids, such as gas, water, or chemicals, into the reservoir to mobilize and displace the remaining oil.

The course aims to provide students with a comprehensive overview of the various EOR techniques, including thermal, gas, and chemical EOR. Students will learn about the principles, advantages, and limitations of each technique and gain an understanding of the factors that influence their effectiveness.

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In this section, we will describe some assignment outlines. These are:

Assignment Outline 1: Explain the principles of EOR and to describe the miscible and immiscible displacement processes.

Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) is a technique used in the oil and gas industry to extract more oil from reservoirs after primary and secondary recovery methods have been used. EOR works by injecting fluids or gases into the reservoir to displace and recover more oil.

There are two main types of EOR processes: miscible displacement and immiscible displacement.

Miscible displacement involves injecting a fluid, typically carbon dioxide (CO2), that can mix or dissolve with the oil to form a single phase. This process is effective when the oil is very viscous and difficult to extract using other methods. By injecting the CO2, it reduces the oil’s viscosity and makes it easier to flow through the reservoir rock and towards the producing wells. The injected CO2 also acts as a solvent, dissolving the oil and extracting more of it from the rock.

Immiscible displacement involves injecting fluids that are not miscible with the oil, such as water or gas. This process relies on the fluids being immiscible to create a displacement front that pushes the oil towards the producing wells. Immiscible displacement processes work by lowering the oil saturation in the reservoir rock, and the injected fluids sweep through the rock and force the remaining oil to flow towards the producing wells.

The choice of EOR method depends on the reservoir’s characteristics, including the oil viscosity, reservoir temperature, and pressure. The selection of EOR method can also depend on economic factors such as the cost of the injection fluid, the expected increase in oil production, and the expected return on investment.

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Assignment Outline 2: Compare and select different mobility-control processes.

There are several mobility-control processes that can be used in different situations to control the flow of fluids in reservoirs. Some of the most common mobility-control processes include:

  1. Polymer Flooding: In this process, a polymer solution is injected into the reservoir to increase the viscosity of the injected fluid, which reduces its mobility and improves its sweep efficiency. Polymer flooding is effective in reservoirs with high permeability and low oil viscosity.
  2. Surfactant Flooding: Surfactants are chemicals that can reduce the interfacial tension between oil and water, which allows the oil to flow more easily through the reservoir. Surfactant flooding is most effective in reservoirs with high oil viscosity.
  3. Gelation: Gelation involves the injection of a gel-forming agent into the reservoir, which forms a gel-like substance that reduces the mobility of the injected fluid. Gelation is useful in reservoirs with high permeability and low oil viscosity.
  4. Chemical Flooding: Chemical flooding involves the injection of chemicals such as alkaline, surfactants, and polymers to alter the properties of the reservoir fluids and rock, which increases oil recovery. This process can be customized based on the characteristics of the reservoir.
  5. Water Shut-Off: Water shut-off is a process where a material is injected into the reservoir to block the water flow channels, which forces the injected fluid to sweep through the oil-bearing zones. This process is useful in reservoirs with high water cut.

The selection of the appropriate mobility-control process depends on several factors such as the reservoir characteristics, economic considerations, and the desired oil recovery factor. The choice of mobility-control process is usually made after conducting a detailed reservoir characterization and simulation study.

Assignment Outline 3: Have the ability to evaluate principles/mechanisms and analyze environmental concerns of different chemical and thermal EOR processes.

Yes, I have been trained on a vast amount of information related to the principles and mechanisms of different chemical and thermal EOR processes, as well as their environmental impacts.

Chemical EOR processes involve the injection of various chemicals into the reservoir to improve the mobility of the remaining oil and facilitate its recovery. Examples of chemical EOR processes include surfactant flooding, polymer flooding, and alkaline flooding.

Thermal EOR processes, on the other hand, involve heating the reservoir to reduce the viscosity of the oil and increase its mobility. Examples of thermal EOR processes include steam flooding, in-situ combustion, and cyclic steam stimulation.

To evaluate the principles and mechanisms of these EOR processes, it is important to consider factors such as the type of reservoir, the type of oil, the properties of the injected fluid, and the injection rates and volumes. Additionally, the environmental concerns of these processes should be analyzed, which may include issues such as greenhouse gas emissions, water usage, and the potential for subsurface contamination.

Overall, understanding the principles and mechanisms of different chemical and thermal EOR processes, as well as their environmental concerns, can help in determining which methods are most appropriate for a given reservoir and identifying ways to minimize their environmental impact.

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