AIS655 Accounting System Analysis And Design Assignment Example UiTM Malaysia

The Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is a cycle that covers all aspects of developing and managing computer systems. The course teaches you how to plan, and analyze data for design completion with an emphasis on programming languages like VBA or robot sightings when applicable. Debugging, testing and implementation are also covered in this course. You will learn how to create system documentation for future reference as well. Project management software is used throughout the curriculum so that you may be exposed to a tool that is commonly used in business settings.

The SDLC process includes the following steps:

  1. Planning: This step involves defining the goals and objectives of the project, as well as determining the resources that will be required.
  2. Analysis: In this step, the data and information that will be used in the project are gathered and analyzed.
  3. Design: The design phase involves creating a blueprint for the project. This includes deciding on the overall structure of the system, as well as the specific components that will be included.
  4. Implementation: In this step, the system is built and put into place. This may involve writing code, as well as setting up the hardware and software needed for the system to run.

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AIS655 Accounting System Analysis And Design Assignment is an analysis of an organization’s accounting system. The assignment explores the process of designing and implementing an accounting system. It also looks at how the accounting system can be used to improve the organization’s financial performance. The assignment requires students to have a strong understanding of accounting concepts and principles. It also requires students to have a good understanding of the organization’s business operations.

Assignment Brief 1: Determine knowledge and theories related to Accounting Information systems (AIS) for business organization

There are a few different theories that relate to how accounting information systems (AIS) function within a business organization. 

One theory is the transaction processing theory, which posits that AIS exists to record and process financial transactions. 

Another theory is the resource allocation theory, which suggests that AIS helps managers optimally allocate resources. And finally, there is the organizational control theory, which maintains that AIS is used to ensure that organizational goals are met.

Each of these theories has some merit, and no single one of them is likely completely accurate. Instead, AIS likely plays a role in all three of these areas (processing transactions, allocating resources, and ensuring organizational control). In other words, AIS likely has a hand in just about everything that goes on in a business organization.

Assignment Brief 2: Display practical skills in tasks related to accounting systems and software

To be successful in an accounting career, it is important to have practical skills in tasks related to accounting systems and software. This includes being able to use common software programs such as Microsoft Excel and QuickBooks.

It is also important to be comfortable working with numbers and spreadsheets. Familiarity with bookkeeping procedures is also a plus. Those interested in pursuing a career in accounting should consider taking classes or training courses that will help them develop these skills.

The accounting profession offers a variety of career paths. Some accountants work in public accounting firms, while others work in private businesses or the government. There are also many opportunities for self-employment. With the right skills and training, you can find a position that suits your interests and goals.

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Assignment Brief 3: Demonstrate communication skills in tasks related to accounting systems analysis and design 

To effectively demonstrate communication skills in tasks related to accounting systems analysis and design, one must be able to decode and comprehend the various system terminologies often used. Furthermore, it is necessary to be able to properly relay this information in a way that non-accounting personnel can understand. Perhaps the most important part of displaying effective communication skills when working in this domain deals with being able to listen carefully to what clients or customers have to say about their needs and pains when it comes to accounting; only then can an adequate solution be proposed.

Lastly, being able to explain the inner workings of an accounting system in layman’s terms is a valuable ability that demonstrates great communication skills. All of these together display an individual who has excellent communication skills when it comes to working on accounting systems analysis and design tasks.

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