BCM622 Dissertation I UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

The BCM622 Dissertation I course is an invaluable experience for any aspiring professional as it provides unparalleled hands-on learning opportunities in the field of research. Throughout this course, you will learn to plan, prepare and implement a real-life research project. You will gain the tools and skills needed to pursue further studies while honing your academic and professional reporting capabilities. Along the way, you will receive expert mentoring from experienced professionals in order to ensure the successful completion of your project. Through this course, students will gain stronger critical thinking abilities which are invaluable in a world that relies on evidence-based decisions.

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Through this section, you can find some assignment tasks that are as follows:

Assignment Task 1: Write problem statements, research objectives, literature review, research design and methods related to the research topics systematically and independently on an appropriate research topic or issue relevant to the construction industry.

Conducting research is a crucial process when it comes to understanding complex topics within the construction industry. Writing problem statements, research objectives, literature reviews, research design and methods related to the topic of research can help to ensure that the best results are obtained.

Each individual part of this process must be done systematically and independently so as to ensure accuracy and precision in analysis while producing high-quality results. It is essential that appropriate research topics or issues relevant to the construction industry are chosen so as to produce meaningful results that can have an impact on future practices.

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Assignment Task 2: Demonstrate an understanding of the research process.

Conducting research is an essential part of finding reliable information and discovering new insights. It requires an organized approach with clearly defined steps, beginning with identifying a researchable topic and culminating in the thoughtful evaluation of assembled data. Throughout the process, researchers must remain diligent in their efforts to evaluate only credible sources, avoid potential biases, and maintain sound methodological approaches.

Careful documentation of choices made during the research process can be useful for reviewers seeking to assess the validity of the findings. While challenges often arise throughout the research process, researchers must persevere with diligence and demonstrate a commitment to making informed decisions in order to produce credible results.

Assignment Task 3: Practice ethical standards of conduct in research development work.

Research and development often involves ethical considerations that can present difficult choices. As such, it is important for researchers to understand their responsibility to adhere to a strong set of ethical standards and practices. This requires an ongoing commitment to conducting research in a legal, honest, and responsible manner so as not to compromise the integrity of the work. Additionally, ethical conduct must be strongly embedded into organizational culture in order to ensure consistent adherence.

Highlighting core values such as transparency, integrity, service, and respect both informs decision-making in research development processes and reinforces adherence to the accepted ethical principles. When done properly, this can positively impact research effectiveness while mitigating potential risks associated with failing to uphold these standards.

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