CSC784 Research Methods In Computer Sciences Assignment UITM Example Malaysia

The CSC784 course is designed for those who have already completed their bachelor’s degree in Computer Science but want to learn more about how research works. It covers topics like preparing grants and writing papers that are critical reviews of scientific articles – all while giving you the skills necessary before starting your own project!

The CSC784 course will equip you with the skills to research and write critically about science, as well as give insights into how it works. You’ll also learn proper report-writing guidelines so that your results can be accurately presented in an academic setting!

The CSC784 course helps students to develop the skills necessary for conducting research and reporting results in computer science. It also teaches them how best practices related to critical reviews of scientific articles, writing papers that are publishable with other researchers around the globe while maintaining integrity under pressure!

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Assignment Brief 1: Demonstrate the necessary foundations to conduct research

The necessary foundations to conduct research are understanding the difference between qualitative and quantitative research, knowing about ethics in research, and being able to use a range of software. The methods section should also include a description of how participants were recruited for the study.

Participants should know beforehand what they can expect from participating in such studies – whether it be monetary compensation or other benefits. It’s important that researchers provide enough detail so participants can make an informed decision about whether or not they want to participate before signing up. Researchers should also make their studies as inclusive as possible. This means understanding the diversity of human experiences and designing a study accordingly – for example by being mindful about age, gender, ethnicity, education level, etc.

Research is an important part of any field, and the more you know about it, the better equipped your answer will be. To conduct research in a subject area requires understanding what questions need to be answered and how they can best be answered. The following are necessary foundations for conducting research: 

  • Knowing What You’re Studying –This includes having knowledge about different terminology used within a discipline as well as being able to identify primary and secondary sources on topics related or unrelated to one’s study; 
  • Analyzing Data –This includes being able not only to understand but also manipulate numbers so that they provide meaningful information while accounting for bias;
  • Having Critical Thinkers Skills – It is essential that those who want to conduct research are able to critically think about problems, consider different perspectives on a problem, and understand what questions need to be asked.
  • Using Research Software – Computer programs can help organize data that is collected for other uses. It is important that the researcher knows how to effectively use these programs in order to simplify their work while also increasing accuracy

Research is the process of finding out about things that haven’t been discovered yet. It’s not just a one-off event, it happens over and over again as new information becomes available. Research helps us understand how the world works and what might happen next.

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Assignment Brief 2: Develop an appropriate research methodology framework for a research project related to the field of Computer science

A research methodology framework is a plan for how data will be gathered and analyzed in order to reach a certain conclusion. The most common type of methodology used in Computer Science projects is experimental design, which means that an experiment with controlled variables will be conducted in order to get desired results. This article provides some tips on conducting experiments correctly so as not only to produce valid conclusions but also to save time and money! 

The following steps should be taken when designing an experiment:

  1. State the problem or question you are trying to answer
  2. List all possible variables that could affect your result
  3. Brainstorm ways of measuring each variable
  4. Choose the best ways of measuring each variable
  5. Create test cases for each of your measurements
  6. Perform experiments with the control variables set to reasonable values
  7. Determine which variables are significant and which are not
  8. Consider possible sources of error and how they could be handled.

A research methodology framework is a plan for the conduct, reporting, and analysis of scientific research. It should be tailored to the specific field or disciplines in which it will be used. The appropriate level of detail depends on both the intended audience and what resources are available to provide guidance about best practices in that area.

For example, if you’re writing an article for undergraduate students then you would likely want to focus more on methods than statistics because they’re less familiar with those concepts at this point in their education; however, if your goal was to develop software then statistical techniques may serve them better as they have a stronger background understanding related to computer science.

When designing a research project, especially one in computer science, it is important to first develop a research methodology framework. This framework will help to lay out the specific steps that will be taken during the course of the project and will ensure that all aspects of the research are accounted for.

The first step in developing a research methodology framework is to come up with a research question. The question should be clear and concise and should state what it is that you are trying to find out. Once you have your question, you can then begin developing a plan for how you will go about finding an answer. This plan should include details on what data you will need to collect, what methods you will use to analyze that data, and how you will use your results to answer your research question.

Assignment Brief 3: Write an academic report for a research project

The purpose of this research project was to study the effects of a high-fat diet on lifespan and age-related markers in mice. To do this, we fed one group of mice a high-fat diet and another group of mice a normal diet. We then measured their lifespan and examined markers of aging, such as insulin signaling and mitochondrial function.

We found that the mice that ate the high-fat diet lived shorter lives than the mice that ate the normal diet. Additionally, we found that the high-fat diet caused increases in markers of aging, such as insulin resistance, and reduced mitochondrial function. This suggests that a high-fat diet can accelerate aging in mice.

A research project to study the effects of a high-fat diet on lifespan and age-related markers in mice.

We fed one group of mice a high-fat diet and another group of mice a normal diet. We then measured their lifespan and examined markers of aging, such as insulin signaling.

The purpose of this research project is to find out what effect different types of bread have on the taste, smell, and texture of the soup. The experiment will be done in two parts with five conditions each for a total of fifteen participants.

Subjects are randomly assigned to one of four groups that will eat sandwiches made from white, whole grain, rye or pumpernickel bread topped with either tomato sauce (control group), clam chowder.

They are brought back into the lab where their reactions are recorded by trained judges using an eleven point scale based on how much they liked the food items before being given a thorough description about its ingredients along with a list of questions for further investigation and to rate how much they liked the taste and texture.

Three hours later, participants will repeat the same experiment with different bread types and soups. This time around, we will also test whether their saliva contains an enzyme that breaks down starches into simple sugars which may explain why some people experience difficulty digesting complex carbohydrates and why some people produce more saliva than others.

A research project exploring the effects of different types of bread on the taste, smell, and texture of the soup. Subjects are randomly assigned to one of four groups that will eat sandwiches made from white, whole grain, rye, or pumpernickel bread topped with either tomato sauce (control group), clam chowder.

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Assignment Brief 4: Give an oral presentation

An oral presentation is a way of sharing information with others. It can be used to make a speech, give a lecture, or deliver a Toast. Oral presentations are often used in business for sales pitches and product demonstrations. They’re also common in education where students might have to give presentations as part of their coursework; this could include anything from discussing current events to recapping the school year’s history. 

There are many different ways that you can prepare for an oral presentation depending on what type of topic you’ll be addressing and who your audience will be composed of (elderly adults may not understand technical terms). If possible try practicing your speech ahead of time so that it sounds less nervous when spoken aloud. However, there are some techniques that you can use to help improve your delivery no matter how many times you’ve practiced already.

Here are ten tips on how to give a good presentation:

Practice Your Speech

One way to make sure that your oral presentation goes as smoothly as possible is by practicing it over and over again. As you speak, you’ll probably make a few mistakes here and there. Knowing this, it’s a good idea to practice your presentation as many times as possible before the actual speech. If you’ve had any problems with other speakers in the past, then you need to know that everyone makes mistakes including those who are considered professionals at giving presentations. Some tips to help you practice include:

  • Record yourself speaking so that you can hear your voice and watch your body language. This will help you judge for any areas in which you need to improve, such as pausing or adding emphasis in certain words.
  • Give the presentation in front of a mirror so that you can watch your face and body. The more you practice the less nervous you’ll be when it’s time to speak to a larger audience.
  • Practice in front of a friend, family member, or pet so that if things get too awkward or embarrassing then you have someone there with which to share the moment.

Come Up With A Catchy Title

When someone is walking past a poster for your presentation, they’re most likely only going to read the headline or title of that presentation. It’s therefore important that you come up with an attention-grabbing title that also captures the audience’s interest in learning more about what you’ll be talking about. For example: “The History of Green-eyed People” or “What You Need To Know About Alzheimer’s Disease.”

Create An Outline

Before you begin your presentation it’s important that you have a solid outline for what you’re going to speak about ahead of time. Keep in mind that just because an outline is written out beforehand, that doesn’t mean that you can’t change your mind. Sometimes the most interesting points you make may not be included in the outline and need to be added right away. To help easily organize your thoughts and information:

  • Create bullet points for each main topic, with subtopics as needed
  • If possible confine yourself to three main points only, but if necessary you can have more
  • Be sure to note down which subtopics are most important so that they’re not forgotten

Design Your Presentation To Suit The Equipment You’ll Be Using

When creating your presentation decide ahead of time which equipment you will be using during the event. This means deciding which screen and projector to use, as well as what type of audio system you’ll need. Take some time to experiment with different types of equipment so that you know how they function ahead of the event; this will help ensure that you don’t make any mistakes during your presentation such as forgetting to switch off the lights or accidentally playing a song through the speakers.

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