BCM614 Construction Technology V UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

The BCM614 Construction Technology V course is an intensive and comprehensive course on the day-to-day operations of construction-related projects. It covers topics on a wide range of different construction-related themes such as project planning, supervision, scheduling and cost estimation. The aim of the course is to provide students with hands-on experience in developing large-scale projects and provide them with the technical skillset necessary for successful project completion. T

his course will build an understanding in various aspects of construction technology and enable students to develop a better appreciation of the complexities involved in this industry. The relevance of this course has been widely recognized by employers in the field and thus holds immense importance for those looking to pursue a career within the world of construction technology.

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Assignment Brief 1: Assess key issues associated with the design principles, and construction of the Industrialised Building System, building maintenance and refurbishment.

Industrialized Building System, or IBS, has become an increasingly popular form of construction for both residential and non-residential buildings in recent years. It has a number of benefits including greater efficiency due to the use of prefabricated components, typically constructed off-site and assembled at the location. However, there are some key issues associated with this approach that must be addressed when considering IBS as an option. First, designing such buildings requires specialist knowledge and understanding of structural and architectural principles such as load-bearing capacity.

Another issue is the need to consider facility management during the design phase to minimize maintenance requirements during the lifetime of the building. Refurbishment may also be necessary over time, particularly if building standards or regulations change. Taking these considerations into account ensures that any IBS project is well-planned and executed successfully.

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Assignment brief 2: Analyse the causes and strategy involved in the post-construction phases.

In the post-construction phases of a project, the cause of any issues that arise can often be challenging to pinpoint. This is why it’s essential for a comprehensive strategy that stretches beyond just the construction phase to be in place. An analysis of the existing design, material and operational factors needs to be conducted to identify any potential opportunities for improvement and prevent similar issues from occurring in the future.

Any ensuing strategies should be implemented with a holistic approach as part of an overall plan taking into consideration asset operations and system performance. These considerations will enable the establishment of procedures, protocols and standards to ensure efficient post-construction operations that are able to meet expectations over time.

Assignment Brief 3: Explain findings and ideas on the causes and strategy involved in post-construction phases through appropriate technology devices.

In a society that is increasingly focused on sustainability, post-construction phases of projects must be closely monitored to ensure that buildings remain as efficient and cost-effective as possible. Appropriate technology devices are capable of helping us do just that, with the energy performance and environmental impact of our buildings being easily tracked through digital tools. Findings from this tracking can lead to new strategies for optimizing the use of resources, such as more efficient management of energy consumption and waste reduction efforts.

In turn, appropriate technology devices help individuals make responsible decisions regarding their carbon footprints while allowing architects and engineers to adjust designs based on real-time insights into building operations. With the right data analysis, this information can be used to create more sustainable structures that are both energy-efficient and cost-effective in the long run.

Assignment Brief 4: Demonstrate universal good and positive values in completing a given task.

Exemplifying positive and beneficial values is of utmost importance when completing a given task. Not only does exhibiting these virtues create meaningful and lasting relationships, but they can also greatly enrich our own experiences. A few values that are essential to consider are respect, empathy, honesty and integrity. Through emphasizing these traits we show strong work ethic and instill trust in those around us who we share the task with. Additionally, it sets a good example as we strive for excellence and strive to be a positive influence in both our working relationships as well as the world at large.

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