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ARK856 Architectural Practice II UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

ARK856 Architectural Practice II is an exciting course for aspiring architects! Students enrolled in this course will develop the knowledge and skills necessary for successful practice, including problem-solving, design principles, and other industry standards. Through hands-on activities, lectures from visiting professionals and collaborative projects with peers, students will learn to identify existing structures or contextual issues that may inform their designs, as well as sharpen their analytical and technical abilities. The experience offered by ARK856 provides a great foundation for students with a passion for the art of architecture.

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This section outlines a few of the assignment briefs we offer. These include:

Assignment brief 1: Explain the provisions of the building contract and tendering procedures.

A building contract is a legal document that outlines the details of a construction job agreement between two parties – the client, who initiates and pays for the project, and the contractor, who carries out the work. This document should include information such as the scope of work and timeline expectations, a payment schedule, insurance requirements and indemnification protocols. It should also clearly stipulate the duties and responsibilities of both parties.

The tendering process involves inviting potential contractors to submit bids on the works specified in the contract. This may involve written proposals detailing materials to be used, the number of labor hours required and pricing information. After evaluating all bids received, the client will select one based on factors such as the reputation of the bidder, the quality of proposed services and the final cost. It is essential that both parties assess any proposed contracts with great care before signing on in order to ensure an optimal outcome.

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Assignment brief 2: Identify the role, responsibilities and authorities of parties in building the contract.

When building a contract, it is important for both parties to understand their respective roles and responsibilities. Generally, one party will assume the role of client or customer, while the other acts as the vendor or supplier. The client is responsible for defining their needs and communicating them clearly to the supplier. The supplier then takes on the responsibility of ensuring that all contractual requirements are met in order to provide services that meet the client’s standards.

Both parties must ensure that they act in accordance with their authorities laid out in the contract, as any breach may lead to legal ramifications in some cases. It’s essential that both parties recognized their respective roles, responsibilities and authorities when building a contract in order to facilitate positive outcomes.

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