ARK806 Building Economics UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

ARK806 Building Economics is an exciting and comprehensive course that can give you an insight into the inner workings of a building’s economics. You will learn all about capital management, short- and long-term forecasting, investment requirements, taxation, and more.

Not only will this knowledge enable you to make more informed decisions related to the purchasing of buildings, but it will also help you create strategies for success within existing structures. Whether your end goal is future profitability or just improved efficiency – ARK806 Building Economics can certainly help set you on the right track.

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Below are a few of the assignment tasks we’ll be discussing:

Assignment Task 1: Describe the project development process, building economic principles and cost management techniques.

The project development process is essential in building a successful product or service as it allows all stakeholders to hone in on the goal of the project. When developing a project, strong economic principles and cost management techniques should be thoroughly considered in order to ensure that the desired outcome can be achieved within budget constraints.

In addition, potential sources of funding should also be explored to help identify any additional financial resources available to contribute to the success of the project. Project teams should utilize key components, such as risk assessments, quality assurance review, cost control methods and consideration for resource requirements before finalizing their development plans and commencing execution. With this approach, projects can often exceed expectations when led correctly and executed carefully.

Assignment Task 2: Prepare a feasibility study for project development.

Creating a feasibility study is an important step in the project development process. It provides the necessary information to identify potential risks and create detailed strategies. Depending on the complexity of the project, some elements of a feasibility study might require more attention than others. A variety of sources should be consulted to better understand the feasibility, such as market analysis, financial structure, and capacity assessment.

Additionally, stakeholders should be engaged early on in order to secure their commitment from the very beginning. When done properly, a well-rounded feasibility study will provide valuable data for each stage of the project’s design and implementation.

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