ARK850 Design Thesis II UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

The ARK850 Design Thesis II course is a unique opportunity to apply the knowledge and techniques learned in your first design thesis course; you will refine and expand your understanding of design while developing a focused project that demonstrates those skills. Throughout this course, students will be guided by instructors who are experts in their respective fields, allowing for insight into complex concepts and guidance for in-depth exploration.

Additionally, this challenging course offers an intimate class size with ample opportunities for collaboration, allowing each student to receive personalized support. By the end of the semester, each student should have produced a captivating portfolio that demonstrates creativity as well as technical proficiency.

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Here, we provide the details of several assignment briefs. These are as follows:

Assignment Brief 1: Propose a holistic architectural solution for a medium complexity project as a response to various design parameters and incorporating technical provisions and needs of other consultants.

The proposed holistic architectural solution takes into account the various design parameters, technical provisions, and needs of other consultants in order to create a medium-complexity project that meets the needs of all stakeholders. Establishing a well-defined plan from the start is integral for success; this includes researching current regulations, analyzing local population’s demographics, accommodating future growth, as well as addressing any regional cultural issues.

The proposed solution will then incorporate durable construction materials and compatible detailing to ensure precision and longevity. Sustainability practices will be integrated within the design; adaptive reuse techniques and new sustainable technology solutions will strive to improve long-term cost savings. Finally, numerous design solutions will be presented with review cycles to maintain consistent communication with all team members and adjust layouts as needed to accommodate any changes throughout the design process.

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Assignment brief 2: Compose an effective presentation through various architectural communication modes.

Creating an effective presentation involves more than just having exciting content. It is also important to consider the different architectural communication modes that can be used to help visually and audibly express the message more effectively. While standard slides and screen-share approaches work quite well, incorporating innovative technologies such as interactive holograms, 3D printing models and physical building components to illustrate ideas can be very useful in engaging your audience.

When applied correctly, these elements can add a dynamic flavor to presentations which will make it both memorable and meaningful for those viewing and listening. When building an effective presentation, give thought to all the components of your communication strategy and ensure that you are making use of the right modes and technologies.

Assignment Brief 3: Practice effective interpersonal and communication skills in design research.

Design research is an essential part of understanding and responding to customer needs. To really get the most of research sessions and focus groups, it’s important to employ effective interpersonal and communication skills. This is necessary to display an understanding of the participant’s individual feelings, thoughts, and experiences. These skills help create a connection by listening closely, framing questions to elicit meaningful responses, and finding commonality.

Additionally, being mindful of nonverbal cues as well as surrounding distractions can also be incredibly helpful when attempting to gain more specific insight about the topic at hand. Utilizing such techniques during design research can make an impactful difference in the quality of results achieved.

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Assignment brief 4: Relate various aspects of design solutions until the schematic design stage.

Design solutions require considerable foresight, strategic planning, and detailed execution from the initial concept to the schematic design stage. It is important to consider the user experience and connected digital networks within the entire span of the architecture that translates into improved operation for the end users. Factors such as space planning, whole building performance assessment, and energy modeling are essential components of the design process when considering necessary requirements such as flexible programming, ergonomics, natural ventilation, lighting levels, and biophilic design.

Integrating appropriate technology into these strategies will also aid in managing resources more efficiently while offering increased accessibility, safety, and interaction between occupants. To achieve a satisfactory outcome at the schematic level, all these elements must be interwoven effectively with innovation at every stage through creative problem-solving.

Assignment Brief 5: Formulate a schematic design through the integration of various technical and environmental solutions.

Formulating a schematic design that successfully integrates various technical and environmental solutions can be a challenging, yet rewarding process. It is essential to adopt an iterative approach, where multiple ideas are trialed and refined in order to achieve the best possible result.

The creative exploration of existing industry components is an essential part of this process, as it allows for the integration of commercial requirements alongside new cutting-edge technology. By doing so, users will benefit from an optimized outcome that has been efficiently crafted from the conceptualization phase all the way down to the implementation stage.

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