BCM453 Builders Quantities And Estimating II UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

The BCM453 Builders Quantities And Estimating II course is an invaluable opportunity for those looking to further their understanding of the construction industry. It provides students with a comprehensive and detailed approach to site surveying and the production of working drawings and specifications to local standards. The course also develops students’ skills in interpreting building regulations, preparing schedules of work, utilising different costing techniques and communicating accurately between clients, architects and contractors.

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Below are several tasks that have been assigned:

Assignment Task 1: Measure quantities from drawings and site measurements.

Accurate measurement of a project or space is essential in order to produce successful results. Being able to measure quantities from drawings and site measurements enables efficient management of the project, whether it be a construction build, renovation or interior design. Knowing how to make the proper measurements allows professionals and hobbyists alike to ensure that their progress remains on track, materials are efficiently utilized and their desired outcome is achieved. The demonstrated skill and precision necessary for this process adds value to any team or individual working on the project.

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Assignment Task 2: Compute quantities from drawings and site measurements.

If you want to ensure accuracy in your measurements and calculations, it’s important to take the time to measure and compute quantities from drawings and physical sites. By properly interpreting architectural plans and specifications, construction activities can be planned with confidence. With correct drawings and precise onsite measurements, all necessary information can be gathered quickly and efficiently, allowing project timelines and budgets to stay on track.

After accurately measuring the size of each component of a building, conversion formulas can then be used to calculate items such as electrical loads or the volume of materials required. By taking measurement one step further by factoring in details such as inclines or climate factors, a more comprehensive understanding of the degree of difficulty involved can be reached. Being diligent about these calculations will help guarantee a successful outcome for any project.

Assignment Task 3: Apply methods of estimating to obtain accurate estimates for building trades.

Estimating building trades projects can be a complicated procedure, as there are many factors to consider from costs of materials to labor times and overhead. With the proper methods of estimating in place, however, it is possible to break down each component so that an accurate estimate can be obtained. While there are a variety of ways to approach estimating a building trades project, some of the most effective methods include historical data analysis, cost estimating relationships, parametric modeling and the use of computer-aided estimating software.

By combining different approaches together, it’s possible to build an accurate picture prior to bidding on the project. While there is no one size fits all solution when it comes to estimating building trade projects, having access to reliable estimates is essential for any business offering these services.

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