BCM462 Structures II UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

BCM462 Structures II course is a great tool to expand your knowledge of the basic concepts and principles of structural analysis. In this course, you will gain the skills and understanding required to observe the behavior of physical structures under different types of loading conditions. You will learn about design considerations for different materials and methods used in modern structural engineering.

Each lesson will cover topics such as calculating stresses and moments, frame analysis, lateral load analysis, settlement analyses, plate buckling theories and more. With this course, you will become well-equipped with the knowledge required to understand the behavior of structures like bridges, buildings and other characteristics that make them safe and reliable.

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In this section, we will outline several tasks for your assignment. These include:

Assignment Activity 1: Evaluate Structural design for Timber beams, Steel Beam, and Reinforced Concrete Column.

Structural design is an essential component of any construction project. The key to a successful structure is to wisely evaluate the suitability of materials used. Timber beams, steel beams, and reinforced concrete columns are all popular options when constructing a building. Timber beams offer a lightweight construction method with a low cost, but they require proper maintenance to prevent decay over time.

Steel beams are extremely strong and come in various sizes and shapes, but they can be expensive depending on their application. Reinforced concrete columns provide excellent compressive strength and are often used as primary load-bearing elements in many structures due to their versatility. It is important for each project’s unique requirements to be accurately evaluated before deciding which material makes the most sense for structural design purposes.

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Assignment Activity 2: Define the principle of structural design for timber, steel beam and reinforced concrete columns.

Structural design is a key element of any engineering project, and its basic principles must be applied to ensure the structural integrity of projects utilizing timber, steel beam or reinforced concrete columns. These principles require that all structures are designed for their desired function, are economically efficient and are aesthetically pleasing. Engineers must also determine the best practical shape and size of the material used in production and make sure that its properties suit the particular application in which it will be used.

Additionally, all materials used should be analyzed via static and dynamic software to ensure that they comply with safety regulations, as well as being resistant to corrosion, fire or seismic activity. Following these steps will contribute to effective mechanical reinforcement for projects involving timber, steel beam or reinforced concrete columns.

Assignment Activity 3: Demonstrate good ethics in basic design analysis for simple beams and reinforced concrete columns.

In order to ensure good ethics are present throughout the design analysis process for simple beam and reinforced concentration columns, engineers need to provide safe and effective solutions that meet all customer specifications. When completing the analyses, appropriate values should be used, such as steel or concrete strengths, modulus of elasticity, the moment of inertia, stability factor, and span length.

Furthermore, it is essential that engineers keep accurate records within their calculations to properly demonstrate the basis for the design solutions. Finally, designers must adhere to all safety regulations that govern simple beam and reinforced concrete columns and pay attention to detail while creating plans compatible with any applicable building codes. Following these steps ensures ethical standards in design analysis is met.

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