BCM463 Site Surveying II UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

BCM463 Site Surveying II is an exciting course that enables surveying students to gain a deeper understanding of how to survey in three dimensions. This advanced-level course provides students with the opportunity to hone their skills in preparation for a successful career.

Throughout the semester, students learn how to calculate and interpret measurements, utilize modern technologies and make informed decisions about data collection, analysis, and interpretation. Additionally, the course focuses on safety protocols and teaches best practices for working in challenging terrains. Overall, this course provides critical instruction for those hoping to pursue the field of surveying.

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In this section, we will outline several assignment tasks. These include:

Assignment Task 1: Deduce data of traverse surveying, tachometer, area and volume measurement, and GIS required in preparing sites for construction.

When preparing a construction site, the data deduced from traverse surveying, tachometer measurement, area and volume measurements, and GIS mapping is essential in crafting a precise blueprint. Through this informative process, we can accurately estimate costs, resources required, timelines for project completion and a careful assessment of the impact any construction will have on its surrounding environment.

Gathering this data requires an experienced team of professionals trained to analyze the land according to its topography, geological conditions, and relevant regulations to ensure safety and compliance. Every stakeholder involved must make sure their due diligence has been performed through an accurate inference of dedicated data when preparing sites for construction.

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Assignment Task 2: Demonstrate the use of surveying equipment for traverse surveying, tachometer, and setting out in preparing sites for construction.

Traverse surveying, tachometer, and setting out are essential practices when it comes to preparing sites for construction. Using surveying equipment such as a level, an EDM, and a targeted staff, traverse surveying is the process of diagonal measurements between two points to measure the area of a site. To ensure accuracy, a tachometer is then employed in order to measure the speed of rotation which is further used in calculations.

Lastly, setting out requires knowledge of leveling and an understanding of vertical heights or depths so that height data can be determined for clear visibility when staking out construction. The accurate use of these methods through surveying equipment guarantees the best possible outcome for site preparation.

Assignment Task 3: Interpret data and produce a traverse control plan, and tachometer and set out a plan for construction site preparation.

Creating a traverse control plan, tachometer and construction site preparation plan is essential when it comes to data interpretation. By meaningfully understanding the data and drilling down further, you can create useful plans that take into account what the land may look like in order to start any construction process.

In these situations, precision with accuracy is very important in order for an efficient work product that does not cause any delays or inaccuracies due to miscommunication of data. It is also important to communicate with others that may have knowledge pertaining to these plans as collaborating contributes greatly towards producing an effective plan. Doing so ensures that the outcome fulfills all requirements needed prior to the start of construction.

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