BGN114 Building Construction I UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

BGN114 Building Construction I is an introductory course exploring the fundamentals of construction and design. In this course, students learn the basics of surveying, structural materials, and building systems utilizing a combination of theoretical and practical applications. Helping to bridge the gap between theory and practice, topics covered include the roles and responsibilities of all those involved in a building project, from architects to contractors to municipal officials.

Through hands-on assignments and discussion activities, students gain valuable insights for successfully managing projects during the planning, execution, and completion stages. Sign up now for an exciting exploration of the workings of the construction industry!

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In this section, let us discuss a few assignments. They are as follows:

Assignment Activity 1: Explain the process of construction from site preparation to superstructure work in building construction.

Building construction is a complex process that starts with site preparation and ends in superstructure work. Before actually beginning any construction work, there needs to be an adequate amount of soil testing to select the best building material for construction, as it affects the structural integrity of the building. After selecting the appropriate building material, the next step is to excavate enough space for a foundation.

The excavation will help clear out any structural elements that may interfere with the real construction set up. Once done with excavation, reinforcing steel rebars are placed in accordance with engineering design principles. Afterward, foundations are cast to provide support for other parts of the building. Following this, walls, roofs and drainage systems are installed onsite and every component is inspected rigorously at every step of its installation to make sure it meets certain standards and requirements before proceeding any further.

Finally, the superstructure is built which includes putting together exterior-finish items such as door panels, window frames etc along with interior walls and ceilings that serve aesthetic purposes as well. The finished product represents clear evidence of an array of operations conducted properly by employing different sorts of materials and skills which leads to the successful completion of a good quality constructed building.

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Assignment Activity 2: Display the skills of assembling reinforced concrete structures in building construction.

Assembling reinforced concrete structures is an essential skill in the building construction industry. Mastery of this skill allows for the safe and efficient building of strong and reliable structures, such as foundations and walls. In addition, reinforced concrete structures are often a more cost-effective solution than using materials like steel or wood.

To demonstrate proficiency in the assembling of reinforced concrete structures, it is important to show that one understands and can apply principles including accurate measurements, structural calculations, and structural engineering theory. Furthermore, successfully working with contractors and engineers to ensure that specifications are met is also integral to this skill. With trained professionals capable of rounding out every stage of the process from blueprint to completion, reinforced concrete structure assembly can be highly efficient and secure.

Assignment Activity 3: Report verbally and in writing by interpreting the architectural drawing in building construction.

Interpreting architectural drawings in building construction requires knowledge of the technical drawing language as well as an understanding of the project’s goals. Verbal reports need to be sharp and comprehensive enough to provide an accurate understanding for those without an architectural background.

Written reporting needs to ensure the text is supplemented with visuals, such as copies of the sketches or images from drone surveys. By combining their know-how and expertise in reading plans, architects offer their clients a clear picture of what their structure will look like, allowing them to make informed decisions before going ahead with construction.

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