AAR610 Working Drawing UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

AAR610 Working Drawing Course is the ideal course for anyone interested in learning more about working drawings. This class delves into the basic principles of creating clear and accurate illustrations from technical specifications on architectural projects. It focuses on the tools, techniques, and methods of producing effective working drawings for job sites.

The course provides students with a comprehensive overview of both 2D and 3D drawing techniques, giving them sound knowledge to produce high-quality drawings for any project. With expert instruction, helpful resources, and personalized feedback, learners can enhance their understanding of complex concepts related to working drawings.

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Here, we offer a multitude of assignment activities to challenge your knowledge and expertise. Specifically, these are:

Assignment Activity 1: Display the knowledge in utilizing the methods and formats of architectural working drawings.

Understanding architectural drawing goes far beyond simply knowing how to read them. As an architect, it is necessary to quickly comprehend and effectively utilize the methods and formats of architectural working drawings. This requires a deep comprehension and knowledge of all the standards that carry each drawing from concept into reality, including drafting symbols, line weights, dimensioning styles, and sizes. Having a firm grasp of these principles allows architects to work efficiently on projects while conforming to legal, technical, and aesthetic requirements within their specific building program.

It is essential for architects to keep up with ever-changing technology but also maintain traditional visualization skills as they correspond with each project’s specific goals. Quality design could never be completely realized without understanding the importance of utilizing the methods and formats of architectural working drawings.

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Assignment Activity 2: Practice the knowledge of drafting techniques and methods.

Drafting is an invaluable and underappreciated skill that all professionals should have in their toolboxes. Being able to develop a clear, concise, detailed document is essential for working efficiently and effectively with colleagues, bosses and clients alike. Practicing the knowledge of drafting techniques and methods can help increase accuracy while reducing wasted effort due to miscommunication or misunderstandings.

Whether it is a lengthy legal contract or an email response, having the right skill set to communicate thoughts in writing is an invaluable asset. Taking the time to learn how to improve one’s drafting technique makes sense both personally and professionally and could pay back dividends in the long run.

Assignment Activity 3: Demonstrate competency in producing working and detailed drawings of simple and moderate-scaled buildings.

An important aspect for building design professionals is the ability to generate detailed and accurate drawings. With this in mind, I am confident that my skills in producing working and detailed drawings of simple and moderate-scaled buildings demonstrate the competency needed within the industry. Drawing plans with different scale sizes requires me to be efficient and organized while using a variety of materials such as calligraphy pens, markers, templates, rulers, and rulers dividers.

Moreover, my proficiency in AutoCAD drafting software enhances my level of accuracy and productivity. My experience from working on numerous projects has trained me to identify potential problems before they become an issue and enabled me to become an excellent problem solver.

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