AAR615 Introduction To Research UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

AAR615 Introduction to Research is an engaging and informative course that provides a thorough overview of the basic research skills needed to succeed. This course is suitable for anyone looking to develop their knowledge and skills in areas such as qualitative and quantitative data collection, as well as analyzing findings.

During this course you will also gain an understanding of terminology and theoretical concepts such as validity, reliability, and ethics; building strong foundations for conducting your own professional research. Lastly, AAR615 provides various methods for formulating innovative research plans and within this topic, you will be applying acquired techniques to real-world tasks.

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Here, let’s outline some assignment tasks:

Assignment Task 1: Demonstrate basic knowledge and skill to undertake research tasks and produce a research proposal.

Research is an essential part of any profession, as knowledge and skills obtained through research can be invaluable. Being able to undertake research tasks and produce a formidable research proposal is a valuable skill that can greatly benefit any aspiring professional looking to acquire a deeper understanding of their field.

As such, it is crucial to obtain the basic knowledge and skill necessary to plan and execute research tasks in a productive manner, which will lay the groundwork for producing an effective research proposal. Doing so will enable professionals to successfully collaborate with other researchers in their field to build upon existing knowledge and gain insights into their area of expertise.

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