BGN123 Site Surveying I UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

BGN123 Site Surveying I is the perfect course to get you up to speed on everything required for surveying a construction or mining site. During this class, students will gain a full understanding of how to read and interpret survey records, align infrastructure, cover basic algorithms and computations associated with land surveyed as well as explore advanced Mathematics topics such as derivatives and integration that can be applied to surveying problems.

With an in-depth curriculum, experienced instructors, and quality resources available throughout the course, students can feel assured they are getting the comprehensive education they need to successfully build a career in surveying.

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In the following section, let’s explore some of the tasks related to assignments. Here are few:

Assignment Task 1: Determine the principles and calculations of land surveying techniques and applications in site surveying.

Land surveying is a complex field with multiple calculations and principles involved in determining the layout of land and its associated elevation changes. As it relates to site surveying, careful measurements must be taken to establish the boundaries of an area or a project for responsible usage.

This usage could include mapping out roads, setting boundaries for construction projects, environmental surveys and more. Surveying requires the use of accurate measuring tools such as total stations, GPS equipment and theodolites to determine elevation points, angle measurements and horizontal distances between these points. From here calculations can be made using trigonometry and coordinate geometry, which are then documented into maps according to set standards.

With land surveying techniques ever-evolving due to technology advancements, it is important for surveyors to continue updating their methods so they remain on the cutting edge when providing clients with updated maps in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

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Assignment Task 2: Identify the problems in data collection related to site surveying.

Many of today’s site surveying methods encounter challenges related to data collection, from practical considerations such as weather conditions or geographic obstacles to technological limitations concerning the accuracy of readings. Misinterpretation of data is a major issue with low-quality devices resulting in inconsistent results that cannot be trusted, and due to the costs incurred by accurate surveying processes, it is often a neglected step.

By generating and refining data through quality testing and repeat visits, land surveyors can ensure that their information is reliable and reproducible. However, cost pressures are still an influential factor when selecting appropriate methods, which can lead to shortcuts that could invalidate results and affect subsequent decisions. Ultimately, consideration must be taken on how to most effectively collect accurate data while also balancing financial constraints in order to prevent potentially hazardous errors.

Assignment Task 3: Complies with the report writing by interpreting the data of land surveying procedure and calculation in site surveying.

Writing a report is an important objective of land surveying. In its procedure, data is collected and analyzed for the purpose of interpreting and presenting information about a site’s topography or layout. Calculations are used to measure distance, vertical angles, area and relative elevations, as well as ensure correctness in measurements and accuracy of results. By complying with these components during the report-writing process, professionals in this field can ensure that all necessary elements are compiled into a well-structured document that can be used to help make informed decisions.

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