CSC783 Component Based Software Engineering UITM Assignment Example Malaysia

Building large scale systems is difficult. Fortunately, we now have the ability to configure these from a federation of software components that can improve quality and speed up time-to market by reducing development costs while maintaining flexibility for future changes in requirements

A system can be built using either traditional methods where each individual part must meet high standards before being assembled together or designed based on what’s needed – but this takes longer than simply downloading an off the shelf solution so you might want check how long it will take your team memberships suit all their tasks with different clients too!

The course begins by discussing some of the more fundamental issues in building large scale systems. It then goes on to describe that these same principles can be applied at any level, whether it’s one component or an entire system–and their potential benefits are discussed too!

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Assignment Brief 1: Identify fundamental issues in building large scale systems

One of the fundamental issues in building large scale systems is that, as they grow in size, they become more difficult to manage and control. In addition, large systems are often unwieldy and inefficient, and can be slow to respond to change.

Another issue is that as a system becomes larger, it becomes more complex and its parts are less able to be controlled or understood. This can lead to unforeseen interactions and problems within the system. Additionally, as a system grows it becomes more costly to maintain and operate.

Finally, one of the biggest challenges in creating large scale systems is ensuring that they are reliable and scalable – that is, that they can handle increased load without breaking down. This requires careful planning and design from the outset, as the system will have to behave predictably as it grows.

In order to address these issues, a number of architectural patterns have been developed that can be used to control and manage large scale systems by ensuring consistency and predictability despite complex and ever changing environments. This article discusses some of those architectural patterns: Event Driven Architecture (EDA) and Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS).

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Assignment Brief 2: Describe that the large systems can be configured from the ‘federation’ of software components.

A federation of software components is a large system that can be configured by combining a number of smaller, independently functioning systems. This allows for increased flexibility and efficiency, as well as the ability to customize the system to meet specific needs.

Each of the smaller systems in a federation can be managed and operated independently, without interference from or dependence on the other systems in the federation. This also allows for each system to specialize in certain areas, while still benefiting from the pooled resources of the larger system.

A federation of software components provides an efficient and flexible way to build large systems that meet specific needs. By using standard protocols and interfaces, it is possible to create a cohesive whole from disparate parts. And by allowing each component to operate independently, it is possible to update the system as required.

However, what makes this model efficient and flexible can also make it more complex to implement and manage. Special attention needs to be paid at all levels of development to ensure that federation is not inadvertently introduced where unnecessary.

Another issue with a federation of components is integration between the systems. This is necessary both to connect the components together, and to allow them to share data. There will be many different types of connections between the systems, including some that are unidirectional and some that are bidirectional. And each system may require more than one type of connection with other systems in the federation.

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Assignment Brief 3: Evaluate potential benefits of component-based such as reduce time-to-market, improve quality, reliability, ease of maintenance and flexibility

There are several potential benefits to using component-based architectures, including reduced time-to-market, improved quality, reliability, ease of maintenance and flexibility. By decomposing a system into smaller, more manageable components, it can be easier to understand how the system works as a whole and to identify and correct errors.

Components can also be reused in other systems, which can speed up development time and reduce costs. Additionally, well-designed components can be more reliable and easier to maintain than a complex system composed of many individual parts. Finally, a modular architecture can be more flexible than a monolithic one, making it easier to adapt to changing requirements.

The introduction of CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing) in the 1960s reduced production time and costs by increasing automation. At the same time, however, it increased the size of an average part to many hundreds of pages. This made it difficult for designers to comprehend their own design without extensive documentation or training.

The design team at SAAB, faced with an increasing number of large-scale projects, found that the simple office computer systems used by engineers were inadequate for their needs. As a result, they developed a software platform that employed an object-oriented methodology based on the concept of using objects in engineering.

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