AGR657 Environmental Management In Plantation UITM Assignment Sample

AG657 Environmental Management In Plantation is an exciting and informative course that looks at the environmental challenges faced by the current plantation industry. This course will provide students with knowledge in identifying environmental factors, minimizing environmental impacts, and the importance of having an organizational commitment to environmental excellence.

Students will gain a deep understanding of how their actions can contribute positively to improving their organization’s sustainability. Through this study, students will be able to make a real difference in their organizations and impact the environment for the better.

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Here, let’s explore some assignment activities such as:

Assignment Activity 1: Discuss the concepts and issues related to sustainability, sustainable development, environmental regulations, standardization, certifications, EIA and sustainable biomass utilization in solving environmental problems in the plantation sector.

In the plantation sector, sustainability is a concept linked to environmental protection while sustainable development looks to the long-term principle and initiatives of seeking a balance between goals that can be economically, socially and environmentally achieved. To achieve true sustainability, environmental regulations, law standards and certifications should be put in place. Additionally, Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) are useful in managing sustainable biomass utilization to create positive outcomes for both society and the environment in general.

Through this methodology and approach of improved management, importance can be placed on preserving resources for future generations while providing access to nature’s benefits for present beneficiaries. By enacting these concepts, issues related to sustainability in the plantation sector can be solved or at least improved.

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Assignment Activity 2: Evaluate the concepts in environmental management to solve environmental-related problems in the plantation industry.

Plantation industries are often faced with many environmental-related issues, from land degradation to air pollution. To ensure the sustainability of these industries and their surroundings, environmental management concepts need to be employed. These concepts involve examining the environmental impacts of plantation activities and establishing measures to minimize potential negative impacts. This could include reducing water usage and decreasing chemical inputs in order to reduce contamination of watersheds, as well as developing methods for reforesting areas after harvest and managing pests without toxic chemicals.

Furthermore, establishing community engagement policies through voluntary certification schemes or stakeholder forums would enable further dialogue between stakeholders about how best to protect the environment. When correctly implemented, the principles and practices of environmental management provide a critical way for organizations in the plantation industry to address environmental-related problems.

Assignment Activity 3: Communicate effectively through oral presentation and report writing.

Effective communication is a key requirement for success in any field or endeavor. The ability to deliver compelling oral presentations and well-composed reports is essential for academics, professionals, and businesspeople alike. Learning to communicate effectively can provide an individual with the tools they need to exchange ideas and convey their thoughts persuasively. With at least basic mastery of public speaking and written communication, individuals can more easily explain their opinions, connect with an audience, build relationships, and create a lasting impression when working to make an impact in the world.

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