Master Of Science (Informatics) UTM Assignment Sample Malaysia

Master of Science (Informatics) is an applied information technology degree. The program provides students with strong theoretical foundations for understanding, designing, implementing, and managing complex computer-based systems in a variety of professional contexts. It enables graduates to become innovators in the field of informatics by developing advanced skills in computer science, information technology, information systems, and information security.

Informatics is the study and application of information technology in arts, science across organizations. The term Informatics has been used to explain how ICT applications are being deployed within various work scopes; this includes both those who do not have any technical background as well but instead possess an art or humanities degree which makes them valuable members of our team!

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Objective Of Master Of Science (Informatics) UTM Assignment Sample Malaysia

The aim of this program is to produce ICT professionals who can empower their respective roles and become leaders in organizational transformation according to the current needs of the country. By applying technical values like informatics, social media with cultivation principles that are appropriate techniques; they will be able to accomplish these tasks while also empowering others around them through applied knowledge about how it all works together as one system–the digital ecosystem!

Graduates are able to show mastery of fundamental informatics attributes through the application and theory that it is based on. By implementing this knowledge into an organizational strategy, they will be able to plan effectively for future projects while adhering strictly to all guidelines set forth by standard practices in our field

1) As well as anticipate any potential social impacts these solutions may have when applied globally.

2) The program is structured to develop a set of advanced professional skills that will be required to thrive at the highest level in the ICT industry.

3) It also offers an opportunity for students wishing to focus on research and/or academic careers to prepare them using appropriate courses and mentorships.

4) By addressing the demands of industry and the needs of the organization, will provide graduates with a competitive advantage.

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Assignment Task 1:  Apply and integrate knowledge concerning current research issues in informatics and produce work that is at the forefront of developments in the domain of the programme of study.

The assignment task is asking you to apply and integrate your knowledge in the field of informatics, which is the study of information and computation, and produce work that reflects the current research issues in this domain. Essentially, you are expected to demonstrate an understanding of the latest developments and challenges in informatics.

To accomplish this task, you may need to:

  1. Review Current Research: Stay updated with recent research articles, publications, and advancements in the field of informatics. This involves understanding the latest trends, methodologies, and discoveries.
  2. Apply Knowledge: Use the knowledge gained from your studies and research to address or analyze current issues within informatics. This could involve applying theoretical concepts to practical problems or proposing solutions to existing challenges.
  3. Integrate Information: Combine various pieces of information and insights to form a cohesive understanding of the subject. This might include integrating findings from different research studies or connecting theoretical concepts with real-world applications.
  4. Produce Work at the Forefront: Create a piece of work, such as a paper, report, or presentation, that showcases your understanding of the current research issues and positions your contribution at the forefront of developments in informatics. This could involve presenting new ideas, insights, or solutions that push the boundaries of existing knowledge.

In summary, the assignment task is calling for a demonstration of your ability to not only understand current research issues in informatics but also to contribute to the field by producing work that reflects the latest developments and pushes the boundaries of knowledge within the informatics domain

Assignment Task 2: Evaluate and produce informatics-related solutions using a scientific approach

The assignment task is asking you to evaluate and create solutions related to informatics, and it emphasizes the use of a scientific approach. Here’s a breakdown of what this task involves:


  • Assess Existing Solutions: Examine current informatics-related solutions, technologies, or methodologies.
  • Critically Analyze: Evaluate their strengths and weaknesses, considering factors such as efficiency, effectiveness, and relevance to the given context.

Scientific Approach:

  • Systematic Investigation: Apply a systematic and methodical approach to your evaluation. This may involve using scientific methods, such as hypothesis testing, experimentation, or data analysis.
  • Evidence-Based Reasoning: Support your evaluations and solutions with scientific evidence. Use data, research findings, and logical reasoning to substantiate your claims.

Production of Solutions:

  • Innovative Solutions: Propose new informatics-related solutions or improvements based on your evaluation. These could be novel approaches to address existing challenges or enhancements to current systems.
  • Practical Implementation: Consider the feasibility of implementing your proposed solutions. How can they be practically applied in real-world scenarios?


  • Clear Presentation: Clearly communicate your evaluations and proposed solutions. Use a structured and well-organized format for presenting your findings.
  • Scientific Rigor in Communication: Apply the principles of scientific communication. This includes clarity, precision, and transparency in presenting methods, results, and conclusions.

In summary, the task requires you to assess existing informatics-related solutions, apply a scientific approach in your evaluation, and then propose innovative solutions based on your findings. The emphasis is on a systematic and evidence-based approach to informatics problem-solving

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Assignment Task 3: Develop informatics solutions and use necessary practical tools to analyze their performance

The assignment task is instructing you to develop solutions in the field of informatics and utilize practical tools to analyze the performance of these solutions. Here’s a breakdown of what this task involves:

Develop Informatics Solutions:

  • Identify Problems or Challenges: Understand specific informatics-related problems or challenges that need solutions.
  • Design Solutions: Develop solutions to address the identified problems. This could involve creating software, designing algorithms, or implementing other informatics solutions.

Practical Tools:

  • Select Appropriate Tools: Choose practical tools that are relevant to the informatics solutions you are developing. This could include software tools, programming languages, data analysis frameworks, etc.
  • Application of Tools: Use the selected tools during the development process. This might involve coding, configuring software, or utilizing specific platforms for informatics work.

Performance Analysis:

  • Define Performance Metrics: Clearly outline the criteria for evaluating the performance of your informatics solutions. This could include measures such as speed, accuracy, scalability, etc.
  • Implement Performance Analysis: Use the practical tools to analyze the performance of your developed informatics solutions. This involves gathering data and assessing how well the solutions meet the defined metrics.

Iterative Improvement:

  • Identify Areas for Improvement: Analyze the results of the performance assessment to identify any shortcomings or areas for improvement in your informatics solutions.
  • Iterative Development: Iterate on your solutions based on the performance analysis. This may involve refining algorithms, optimizing code, or making other adjustments to enhance overall performance.


  • Document the Development and Analysis Process: Maintain clear and comprehensive documentation of the development process, including the tools used, methods applied, and the rationale behind design and analysis decisions.

In summary, this assignment task requires you to not only develop informatics solutions but also to use practical tools for their creation and assess their performance systematically. It emphasizes a hands-on approach to problem-solving, incorporating both development and analysis aspects in the informatics domain.

Assignment Task 4: Communicate and function effectively in a group be it as a leader or member of the group

The assignment task is prompting you to demonstrate effective communication and collaboration skills within a group setting, whether you are in a leadership role or functioning as a group member. Here’s a breakdown of what this task involves:

Communication Skills:

  • Clarity and Conciseness: Communicate ideas clearly and concisely. Ensure that your messages are easily understood by other group members.
  • Active Listening: Pay attention to the ideas and perspectives of other group members. Demonstrate active listening by acknowledging and responding to their contributions.

Leadership Role:

  • Guidance and Direction: If in a leadership role, provide clear guidance and direction to the group. Facilitate discussions and decision-making processes.
  • Delegation (if applicable): Delegate tasks effectively, considering the strengths and skills of individual group members.

Group Member Role:

  • Collaboration: Work collaboratively with other group members. Contribute positively to discussions and activities.
  • Responsibility: Fulfill your assigned tasks and responsibilities. Take ownership of your role within the group.


  • Conflict Resolution: Address conflicts or disagreements within the group constructively. Work towards resolutions that benefit the group as a whole.
  • Critical Thinking: Apply critical thinking skills to evaluate ideas and proposals. Offer constructive feedback to improve the quality of group decisions.

Effective Meetings:

  • Organization: Contribute to well-organized and productive group meetings. Stick to agendas and ensure that discussions stay focused on the task at hand.
  • Time Management: Respect the time of other group members. Be punctual and adhere to agreed-upon timelines for tasks and deadlines.

Documentation and Reporting:

  • Record Keeping: Maintain accurate records of discussions, decisions, and assigned tasks. This ensures transparency and accountability within the group.
  • Reporting (if applicable): If reporting is part of the task, communicate findings or progress effectively to the group.


  • Flexibility: Be adaptable and open to different perspectives. Adjust your approach as needed to accommodate the evolving needs of the group.

In summary, the task involves demonstrating effective communication, collaboration, and leadership skills within a group context. Whether in a leadership role or as a group member, the emphasis is on constructive engagement, problem-solving, and contributing to the overall effectiveness of the group.

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Assignment Task 5: Prepare, publish and present technical material to a diverse audience applying an ethical code of conduct and professionalism

The assignment task is instructing you to prepare, publish, and present technical material to a diverse audience while adhering to an ethical code of conduct and demonstrating professionalism. Here’s a breakdown of what this task involves:

Preparation of Technical Material:

  • Content Development: Create technical material that is well-researched, relevant, and addresses the needs of the audience.
  • Clarity and Precision: Ensure that the content is clear, concise, and presented in a way that is easily understandable by a diverse audience.
  • Ethical Considerations: Integrate ethical considerations into the content, avoiding misinformation, plagiarism, or any other unethical practices.


  • Selecting Platforms: Choose appropriate platforms for publishing your technical material. This could include journals, conference proceedings, websites, or other relevant channels.
  • Formatting and Style: Follow the guidelines of the chosen publication platform, including formatting and citation styles.
  • Peer Review (if applicable): If the publication involves a peer-review process, be prepared to address feedback and make necessary revisions.


  • Audience Analysis: Understand the diversity of your audience, considering their background, knowledge level, and interests.
  • Engagement Techniques: Use engaging presentation techniques to capture the attention of your audience. This could involve visuals, demonstrations, or interactive elements.
  • Professionalism: Demonstrate professionalism in your presentation style, maintaining a confident and respectful demeanor.

Ethical Code of Conduct:

  • Credibility: Uphold the credibility of your technical material by providing accurate and reliable information. Avoid exaggeration or misrepresentation.
  • Acknowledgment: Properly acknowledge the work of others through appropriate citations and references.
  • Transparency: Be transparent about any potential conflicts of interest or biases that may affect the objectivity of the technical material.


  • Communication Skills: Communicate effectively, both in writing (for publication) and verbally (for presentation). Use language and tone appropriate for a professional setting.
  • Time Management: Manage your time effectively during presentations, ensuring that you stay within the allocated timeframe.
  • Q&A Handling: Handle questions and answers professionally, addressing inquiries with clarity and respect.

Feedback and Iteration:

  • Feedback Reception: Be open to feedback from peers, instructors, or the audience. Use constructive feedback to improve your technical material and presentation skills.
  • Continuous Improvement: Demonstrate a commitment to continuous improvement by iteratively refining your material and presentation techniques.

In summary, the task involves the end-to-end process of preparing, publishing, and presenting technical material with a focus on ethical conduct, professionalism, and consideration for a diverse audience

Assignment Task 6: Demonstrate entrepreneurial and management skills

The assignment task is asking you to demonstrate entrepreneurial and management skills. Here’s a breakdown of what this task involves:

Entrepreneurial Skills:

  • Innovative Thinking: Demonstrate the ability to think creatively and innovatively. This might involve proposing new ideas, approaches, or solutions.
  • Opportunity Recognition: Identify and evaluate opportunities that align with your goals or the goals of a given project or venture.
  • Risk Assessment: Assess and manage risks associated with entrepreneurial endeavors. This involves understanding potential challenges and developing strategies to mitigate them.

Management Skills:

  • Organizational Skills: Exhibit effective organizational skills, including the ability to plan, coordinate, and prioritize tasks or projects.
  • Team Leadership (if applicable): If in a leadership role, demonstrate the ability to lead and motivate a team. This includes fostering collaboration and ensuring team members are aligned with common goals.
  • Decision-Making: Showcase sound decision-making skills. This involves evaluating options, considering implications, and making informed choices.
  • Resource Management: Efficiently manage resources, whether they are financial, human, or technological, to achieve the desired outcomes.

Communication Skills:

  • Effective Communication: Communicate clearly and persuasively. This includes conveying ideas, goals, and plans to various stakeholders.
  • Negotiation Skills: Demonstrate the ability to negotiate effectively, whether it’s with team members, partners, or other stakeholders.

Financial Acumen:

  • Budgeting and Financial Planning: Exhibit proficiency in budgeting and financial planning. This involves understanding financial constraints and making strategic decisions to optimize resources.
  • Financial Analysis: Analyze financial data to make informed decisions and assess the financial health of a project or venture.


  • Flexibility: Showcase adaptability in response to changes in the business environment. This might involve adjusting strategies, reallocating resources, or revising plans based on evolving circumstances.


  • Relationship Building: Develop and nurture relationships with relevant stakeholders, including potential clients, partners, investors, or collaborators.
  • Networking Skills: Utilize networking skills to expand opportunities and stay connected with the industry or market.

Ethical and Social Responsibility:

  • Ethical Decision-Making: Make decisions with a strong ethical foundation, considering the impact on all stakeholders and adhering to ethical standards.
  • Social Responsibility: Demonstrate a sense of social responsibility by considering the broader societal implications of your entrepreneurial and management activities.

In summary, this assignment task requires you to showcase a range of skills associated with entrepreneurship and management, encompassing creativity, leadership, communication, financial acumen, adaptability, networking, and a commitment to ethical and social responsibility.

Structure Of Master Of Science (Informatics) UTM Assignment Sample Malaysia

Core Courses (Compulsory)

MANQ 1013: Human Information Processing

MANQ 1023: Information Engineering

MANQ 1033: Entrepreneurial Learning Organization and Culture

MANQ 1043: User Experience and Interaction Design

MANQ 1053: Enterprise Architecture

MANQ 1063: Service Innovation Technology

Elective Course (Choose four (3) only)

MANQ 2193: Advanced Seminar on Informatics

MANQ 2113: Strategic Business Informatics

MANQ 2143: Healthcare Informatics

MANQ 2153: Educational Informatics

MANQ 2213: Social Informatics and Innovation

MANQ 2223: Media Informatics and Visual Computing

MANQ 2243: Trends and Issues in e-Communities

MANQ 2133: Network and Service Economy Systems & Technology

MANQ 2123: Enterprise Information System

MANQ 2233: Virtual Communication Technology

MANQ 2253: Secure Pervasive Development

Master Project

MANQ 1085: Master Project1

MANQ 2087: Master Project2

University General Courses


UANP 0013: Research Methodology

Choose one (1) only

UANP 6013: Informatics in Society

UHAP 6013: Seminar on Global Development, Economic and Social Issues

UHAZ 6123: Malaysian Society and Culture

ULAM 6323: Malay Language for Postgraduates

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