CSC710 Computer Architecture And Organization UITM Assignment Example Malaysia

The study of computer organization is an intricate one that can be applied to any field. It’s no surprise then, as we enter into the age where technology advancements are making data collection easier than ever before – this course will help you understand how a machine operates at its most basic level.

The idea of studying how a computer works may not be immediately clear to many of us, but think about it this way. In the absence of being an expert on the subject, you’re building a house without knowing anything about its foundation. Once you’re finished and start trying to move things around, admire your new kitchen countertops, maybe even install a fireplace, you’ll find out very quickly that things are not as stable as they should be.

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The same goes for computers. Without knowing how it works at its core, the stability of your computer’s capabilities is limited – whereas once you understand these basics, you can start building something truly great on top of them.

Once you have a solid understanding of computer architecture, you could design an operating system from the bottom up, or even build your own CPU. You can write code for all types of applications, browsers included. Knowing how a processor operates will also provide valuable insight when trying to understand the actions running in the background when surfing the Web – it’s all in the code, folks.

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Assignment Task 1: Compare and contrast past and present components in computer architecture and organization.

It is difficult to compare and contrast the different components of computer architecture and organization because there arose a certain symbiosis between them as technology has progressed. One interpretation is that the terms “computer” and “organization” can refer to all types of machines, including things like abacuses; however, strictly speaking, they should relate more specifically to modern, electrically-powered computers where the components are all integrated into a single unit.

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In this sense then, some differences have emerged as new technologies have been introduced or refined. For example, solid-state hard disk drives offer faster processing speeds than older magnetic hard disk drives by not having as many moving parts as those with spinning platters. Moreover, an individual CPU in itself has its own particular organization which can be thought of as a hierarchy: the main components being the arithmetic and logic unit (ALU) and the control unit (CU). The ALU performs calculations and logical comparisons while the CU directs the countless switching activities inside your computer’s central processing unit  (CPU).

The ALU is sometimes referred to as the arithmetic logic unit (ALU) while the CU is also called the control unit. While technology has allowed for faster and more efficient computers, it can be difficult to keep up with all of the new components and terms that are constantly arising: terahertz processors, gigabytes of RAM, 3D XPoint memory, etc. For this reason, we’ll just focus on the more fundamental aspects of computer organization which should provide a good foundation for understanding how they function.

Assignment Task 2: Integrate social responsibilities in promoting present computer architecture and organization to the society

Integrating social responsibility in promoting present computer architecture and organization to the society. We should not think that these technologies are only about solving technical problems, but also make it our duty to be aware of what kind effect they will create on the formation of human minds. (More specifically, if we want people to have rational thoughts, then we need to consider how computers should be used)

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This is true for any technology or technique that humankind develops. We have many moral responsibilities because all factors lead us toward a goal called sustainability, where man cannot continue using natural resources profitably until their finite quantity has been depleted. So it’s crucial for us not only being able to innovate but also include responsibility with developing products so as not fall into technical inconsistencies. Computer systems have become part of our lives. While progressing toward automation, they give us great opportunities to develop fast and with better use of human resources.

When we talk about the huge influence of computer systems on our lives, we tend to overlook another important aspect: their impact on minds and thoughts as such, which will play a key role in shaping contemporary life. The structure of any information system or organization can be analyzed from two perspectives: how it is organized and what its effect on the diffusion of knowledge is.

Many experts say that computer architecture, which consists of physical components and functional internal elements (such as registers, ALU, buses), works like a brain; it gives us an insight into how mental processes are performed in our minds (in brain cells) and at last to think about what happens in the mind of a computer.

Assignment Task 3: Accommodate lifelong learning skills in integrating modern computer architecture and organization into industrial applications.

Industrial applications of computer architectures have been rapidly increasing in complexity and size. For a team to effectively integrate a new architecture, they must be able to identify the key architectural features and their implications for performance, energy consumption, co-design space, time-to-market issues. Learning the vast array of different concepts inherent in this complex analog/digital design space can challenge individuals with specific skills or knowledge deficiencies who are hindered from contributing at their fullest potential by these limits. One way companies can facilitate confident contributions from all team members is through continued lifelong learning efforts that provide sustainable toolsets for success across project management needs that include both organizational systems and job function training modules.

In order to meet the challenges posed by increasingly complex computer architectures, design teams need access to a variety of learning tools. These tools can include both formal and informal learning methods, ranging from online courses and textbooks to on-the-job mentoring and collaboration. Formal learning methods provide an organized way for individuals to learn specific subject matter in a structured manner outside of work. They include online courses, textbooks, and other self-guided learning materials that may be accessed on a per-need basis or provided in an annual subscription model. Informal learning methods help enable individuals to explore their own interests by providing access to research blogs and journals, enabling discussions through social media tools such as LinkedIn groups and Twitter chats, and connecting them with experts they can learn from on a one-on-one basis.

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