CSC709 Special Topics (Computational Sciences) UITM Assignment Example Malaysia

The Research Project course is designed to help students get started on their research projects in the following semester. The individualized study covers areas of computer science not covered by other courses, with supervision from an expert lecturer and guidance throughout each stage through regular meetings that must take place between student and supervisor or researcher’s assistant who will be helping them complete this task.

Researching and reviewing literature in the area of your planned Research Project, or analyzing/comparing algorithms as part of developing solutions for problems that you’re trying to solve. Work done should be presented orally like an academic article with proper structure (i.e., written so it makes sense) – It’s important not only to convey information accurately but also to look good doing so.

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This is an important research project that you will be working on for the next semester, under the guidance of a supervisor. It is very important to start planning and working on it as soon as possible.

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Assignment Activity 1: Demonstrate knowledge and understanding on a particular topic of research

The knowledge and understanding on a particular topic is what’s being asked for, so I’ll try to answer that. Normally the best place to start when one wishes to gain knowledge or understanding on a particular topic is by reading relevant academic journals or relevant literature from reputable institutions. This will provide an overview of the subject matter, as research papers are generally intended for reporting fresh, interesting contributions in their field of study. In some cases it may be necessary to read textbooks on the specific topics in order for someone playing catch up to be able to get started with everything they need at once without going back and forth between sources all morning trying not miss anything while also getting some coffee.

Anyways, if someone is looking to gain a general understanding of a topic, or if they are interested in a more specific area of the topic, academic journals and literature can provide that. However, if one wishes to gain an understanding of what the most recent research on the topic is, then they should consult more recent sources. For example, if you’re interested in the Zika virus, reading a research paper from 10 years ago on the virus may not be as useful as reading a paper that was published within the past few months.

This is because research fields are constantly evolving, with new methods and discoveries being made all the time. This means that older sources may not be as up-to-date with the latest information as more recent sources are. Of course, this isn’t always the case – there are some older research papers that are still considered highly relevant and useful today. But it’s important to be aware of when a source may be outdated so that you can make sure to critically evaluate it before using it in your own work.

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So in short, the best way to gain knowledge and understanding on a particular topic is by reading academic journals and literature from reputable institutions. This will provide an overview of the subject matter, as well as information on the latest research in the field. However, one should be aware that older sources may not be as up-to-date with the latest information as more recent sources are.

Assignment Activity 2: Initiate in critical thinking and analysis

Critical thinking and analysis is a lifelong pursuit of information, ideas, and perspectives in order to form an educated opinion about something. Critical thinkers question the status quo, remain alert for new evidence or reasoning that challenges their assumptions. Critical thinking leads to impassioned discussion among people who respect civil discourse. In other words, one would need “critical thoughts” in order to initiate critical thoughts. 

The quote “thinking critically” is the cornerstone of innovation. Whether you’re an academic, an analyst, or a leader in business or any other field, there’s no way to achieve success without it. That’s because every problem has more than one angle if you look for it – and with critical thinking skills, your ability to see so many perspectives will increase exponentially.

First off, what is critical thinking? Critical thinking revolves around two main ideas: Metacognition (or “thinking about thinking”) and inference (or drawing logical conclusions based on evidence). Together these two things form the basis of how we perceive life – one might call them instinctual thought patterns that assist us with everyday decisions like finding food or avoiding danger.

Unfortunately, these patterns can be used against us as well, like the classic example of someone who believes they make rational choices without bias and then subconsciously picks a partner that reminds them of their domineering parent; we all think we’re immune to such tactics but most of the time we’re not. Critical thinking involves training yourself to replace automatic thought processes with ones that are more intentional.

What does this look like in real life? Well, when you encounter someone who disagrees with your worldview, instead of dismissing their argument offhand because it doesn’t fit into your existing construct, you should sit down and give it some real consideration. If you do so, you’ll find yourself disagreeing with people a lot less and actually learning from them in the process.

But it’s not just about considering different opinions – critical thinking also requires an analytical eye. When you’re presented with data, whether it be financial reports or test results, you need to be able to take that information apart and figure out what it means. This is where the skills of inference and metacognition come into play – by understanding how you think about data, you can better understand what the data is telling you.

Assignment Activity 3: Revise prior research and methods

Research techniques are never perfect. A researcher trying to find out about the effect of different types of mouthwash on mouth hygiene might want to study how long it takes for bacteria levels in mouths to go back down after use or if their saliva contains more bacteria. The researcher would need to be aware that finding statistically significant results will depend on the sample size (the number of people tested), even if their data looks very promising at first.

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If they’re not sure what methods should be used, they might want to consult with an expert before gathering any data. Using a logarithm table can make it easier, for example, when figuring out standard deviation (a statistical technique) or the p-value (the probability of something not happening by chance).

One way to make sure that the research is accurate is to use a control group. This is a group of people who don’t receive the treatment being studied. This helps the researcher to see if there’s a difference between the groups or if it’s just down to chance. It can also help them to work out if the results are due to the treatment or some other factor.

One downside of research is that it can be expensive. Sometimes, researchers have to use a lot of different techniques to get a complete picture. This can add up to a lot of money, especially if they need to buy specialist equipment or software.

Assignment Activity 4: Compose research activities and findings in oral and written form

Computational linguistics is a branch of science which deals with developing automatic systems that can understand, generate, adapt and communicate human language with computer applications. Examples include machine translation, speech recognition. Referring to other works in this field one can mention. There are several research activities and findings in the field of computational linguistics that would be worth mentioning here.

One such research activity is syntactic parsing, which is the process of analyzing a sentence to determine its structure. Parsers are used to break down a sentence into its component parts, and can help researchers understand how humans construct sentences. Parsing algorithms have also been used to create machine translation systems, which can translate text from one language to another.

Another area of research in computational linguistics is natural language processing (NLP), which is the study of how computers can understand and use human language. NLP applications include machine translation, speech recognition, and text analysis. Researchers in this field are interested in understanding how computers can process language to perform certain tasks, such as automatic summarization.

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