CEV409 Environmental Chemistry Laboratory UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

CEV409 Environmental Chemistry Laboratory is a course offered at Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) that provides students with practical experience in the field of environmental chemistry. The course is designed to complement the theoretical knowledge gained in the classroom by offering hands-on laboratory experiments and fieldwork that allow students to apply their knowledge in real-world situations. 

Through this course, students will learn about the different chemical processes that occur in the environment, and how these processes can impact human health and the natural world. They will also gain valuable experience in the use of laboratory equipment and techniques for chemical analysis. This course is essential for students pursuing a career in environmental science, chemistry, or related fields, as it provides them with a foundation in practical skills that will be valuable in their future professions.

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In this section, we will describe some assignment objectives. These are:

Assignment objective 1: Explain the principle analysis methods for environmental samples.

There are several principle analysis methods for environmental samples, and the choice of method will depend on the type of sample and the specific environmental parameters being measured. Some of the most commonly used methods include:

  1. Chemical Analysis: Chemical analysis involves measuring the concentrations of specific substances or chemical compounds in an environmental sample. This can be done using a variety of analytical techniques, such as gas chromatography, mass spectrometry, and atomic absorption spectroscopy.
  2. Microbiological Analysis: Microbiological analysis involves measuring the presence and abundance of microorganisms in an environmental sample. This can be done using techniques such as culture-based methods, DNA-based methods, and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA).
  3. Physical Analysis: Physical analysis involves measuring the physical properties of an environmental sample, such as its temperature, pH, conductivity, and turbidity. This can be done using instruments such as thermometers, pH meters, conductivity meters, and turbidity meters.
  4. Ecotoxicological Analysis: Ecotoxicological analysis involves measuring the toxicity of an environmental sample to living organisms. This can be done using tests such as the bioassay and toxicity tests, which measure the effects of exposure to the sample on the growth, reproduction, and survival of test organisms.
  5. Remote Sensing: Remote sensing involves using satellite and other remote sensing technologies to collect data on environmental parameters such as temperature, vegetation cover, and water quality. This data can be used to monitor and manage the environment over large areas.

These are just a few of the principle analysis methods for environmental samples. The choice of method will depend on the specific environmental parameters being measured, the type of sample being analyzed, and the available resources and expertise.

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Assignment Objective 2: Conduct experiments related to environmental analysis.

  1. Testing water quality: Collect water samples from different sources such as a river, a pond, and a tap. Test each sample for pH, dissolved oxygen, and the presence of common pollutants such as nitrates, phosphates, and heavy metals. Compare the results to see if there are any differences in water quality between the different sources.
  2. Measuring air quality: Use an air quality monitor to measure the levels of pollutants such as particulate matter, nitrogen dioxide, and ozone in the air. Compare the readings from different locations such as urban and rural areas to see if there are any significant differences.
  3. Soil analysis: Collect soil samples from different locations such as agricultural fields, forests, and urban areas. Test each sample for nutrients, pH, and the presence of contaminants such as lead and pesticides. Compare the results to see if there are any differences in soil quality between the different locations.
  4. Biodiversity surveys: Conduct a biodiversity survey in a specific area such as a park or nature reserve. Identify and record the different species present in the area and compare the results to previous surveys or data from similar areas to see if there are any changes in biodiversity.
  5. Climate change experiments: Set up an experiment to simulate the effects of climate change on a specific ecosystem such as a coral reef or a forest. Manipulate variables such as temperature, rainfall, and CO2 levels to see how the ecosystem responds to different climate scenarios.

Assignment Objective 3: Present the experimental methods and findings in a report and/or oral presentation.

Experimental methods and findings are crucial components of a report or oral presentation in the field of science. These components describe the procedures used to collect data, analyze it, and interpret the results obtained. The following are some key points that should be included in the description of experimental methods and findings in a report or oral presentation:

Experimental Methods:

  1. Design: Explain the experimental design, including the type of experiment and any controls used. This will help the reader or audience understand how the data was collected and analyzed.
  2. Participants or subjects: Describe the participants or subjects involved in the experiment, including their age, gender, and any relevant characteristics.
  3. Procedure: Explain the procedures used in the experiment, including any instructions given to participants, materials used, and any measurements or observations made.
  4. Data collection: Describe how data was collected, including any measurements or observations made, and the tools or instruments used to collect them.
  5. Data analysis: Explain the methods used to analyze the data collected, including any statistical tests used.


  1. Results: Present the results of the experiment, including any significant findings and relevant data.
  2. Interpretation: Interpret the results of the experiment, including any conclusions that can be drawn from them.
  3. Implications: Discuss the implications of the findings, including how they relate to existing theories or research in the field.
  4. Limitations: Discuss any limitations of the study, including any factors that may have affected the results or any potential biases in the study.
  5. Future research: Suggest areas for future research based on the findings of the study.

In summary, a thorough and clear description of experimental methods and findings is essential for any report or oral presentation in science. This will help readers or audiences understand the research methods used, the results obtained, and the conclusions drawn from the study.

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