FST648 Food Packaging Technology Assignment Sample UiTM Malaysia

Food packaging is an important part of food production and distribution. The course aims to introduce the technology behind modern-day snack foods, drinks or meals that come in plastic containers with various levels of protection for freshness purposes – from retail sales all way up through manufacturing plants where they’re being used by companies like Coca Cola who need certain qualities about their products kept consistent no matter what route those beverages happen upon on their journey towards marketability (from bottles being opened & resealed, to sitting in a fridge for weeks or being shaken up).

You will learn about different types of plastics used (like HDPE, LDPE, etc), the manufacturing processes behind them (injection moulding, blow moulding, thermoforming) as well as the recycling process and benefits/drawbacks of using plastic packaging.

This course is important for anyone involved in or interested in food production and distribution. You will learn about different types of plastics used in food packaging, the manufacturing processes behind them, as well as the recycling process and the benefits/drawbacks of using plastic packaging. This course is also important for anyone interested in environmental sustainability and the impact of plastic on the environment.

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FST648 is a food packaging technology course that is taken by students who are interested in pursuing a career in the food industry. The course covers all aspects of food packaging, from design and production to distribution and marketing. Students will learn about the different types of packaging materials and how to select the best one for each product.

Assignment Activity 1: Propose a suitable packaging material(s) for a certain food product

There are a few factors to consider when choosing a packaging material for a food product. The most important factors are the level of protection the packaging needs to provide, the type of food, and the environment in which the food will be stored.

For example, if you’re packaging a perishable food item that needs to be kept cold, you’ll need a material that can keep the cold air in and prevent it from escaping. If you’re packaging something that needs to be kept warm, you’ll need a material that can trap heat inside.

Materials that work well for packaging food include plastic, metal foil, cardboard boxes, and paper bags. Each has its benefits and drawbacks, so it’s important to choose the right one for your needs.

Plastic is a versatile material that can be used for both solid and liquid food items. It’s durable and easy to clean, but it’s not always the best choice for perishable items because it doesn’t allow air to circulate.

Assignment Activity 2: Distinguish the various types of packaging materials, fabrication methods and their properties

Packaging materials can be generally classified as either primary or secondary. Primary packaging materials are those that come into direct contact with the product, such as a food container or a bottle. Secondary packaging materials are those that protect the primary packaging material and provide information about the product. Examples of secondary packaging materials include boxes, bags, and wrapping paper.

Fabrication methods can also be classified as either primary or secondary. Primary fabrication methods involve the direct shaping of the material into a final product form. Secondary fabrication methods involve the use of an intermediate product to create a final product form. For example, machining is a primary fabrication method because it involves the directly shaping of metal into desired parts, while welding is a secondary fabrication method because it uses an intermediary product (welding wire) to create a final product form.

The properties of packaging materials can vary depending on their intended use. For example, some materials may be designed for strength, while others may be designed for flexibility. Some materials may also be treated with chemicals to make them more resistant to damage from heat, light, or moisture.

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Assignment Activity 3: Report in writing the experimental findings in a scientific manner

When you are asked to report your experimental findings scientifically, this means that you will need to use a specific writing style that includes objective language and a clear presentation of data. This type of writing is important in science because it allows other researchers to replicate your experiments and build upon your work.

Here are some tips for how to write a scientific report:

  1. Use simple, concise language.
  2. Stick to the facts and avoid interpretation or speculation.
  3. Present data clearly and concisely, using tables or graphs if necessary.
  4. Interpret your data and discuss what they mean about your research question.
  5. Conclude with a summary of your findings and their implication for further research.

Following these tips will help you to write a clear and effective scientific report. Remember to proofread your work carefully before submission to avoid any mistakes.

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