BCM654 Project Planning And Control UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

The BCM654 Project Planning And Control course is an excellent choice for any business professional looking to shore up their skillset and gain a greater understanding of some of the most challenging components of today’s project management processes. The course provides an in-depth exploration into the areas such as decision-making and resource management while introducing students to the project management tools that they can leverage to successfully organize projects.

Students enrolled in this course will also gain a more extensive appreciation of the principles involved with assessing, controlling, and directing dynamic projects. Lastly, this course arms individuals with essential communication strategies to ensure successful collaborations on large projects. By taking BCM654, individuals can expect to emerge with a stronger grasp on advanced concepts aimed at helping them succeed in their careers.

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Here, we explore different assignment briefs. The following are the topics of discussion:

Assignment Brief 1: Construct a project work program through appropriate project planning tools to ensure the success of construction projects.

Effective planning is paramount to the success of construction projects. To ensure this success, project work programs should be constructed through appropriate project planning tools. Project management software and construction estimating programs are two leading examples of these tools, designed to streamline scheduling, budgeting and resource allocation. When used in tandem, they can significantly improve the accuracy of completion timelines and costs as well as aid better decision-making. As such, utilizing appropriate project planning tools should be a priority when constructing a project work program for any construction project requiring effective management.

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Assignment Brief 2: Apply appropriate project planning techniques for timely and cost-effective construction projects.

An effective project plan is essential for successful construction projects. A well-planned and executed project will be on-time, affordable, and of high quality. By utilizing best practices in project management techniques such as scope definition, work breakdown structure analysis, activity identification, resource and time planning and control, and cost estimation, we can ensure that our projects remain on schedule—the right scope is planned at the right price. These processes provide visibility into potential risks so that proactive steps can be taken to mitigate them. Following these methods prevents surprises along the way and keeps objectives on track while also managing any unexpected hiccups steadily.

Assignment Brief 3: Recommend solutions for construction issues using appropriate project planning and monitoring techniques.

To ensure successful completion of construction projects, it is essential to utilize effective project planning and monitoring techniques. A well-conceived plan should include clear goals and objectives, a timeline for when specific milestones should be achieved and realistic budget limits. During the planning phase, all stakeholders—internal team members as well as external suppliers and vendors—should be identified and consulted regarding any potential issues that could arise during the course of construction.

Once the plan is in place, monitoring progress through regular check-ins will help to ensure timely completion and avoid costly delays. By being proactive about addressing any problems that may arise during a construction project, teams can develop tailored solutions designed to overcome these obstacles efficiently, allowing the project to stay within budget and meet the deadlines set forth in the original plan.

Assignment Brief 4: Organise information for successful project management.

Project management is essential for the successful completion of construction projects. Good project management requires effective communication and the organization of pertinent information. It is important to have a system in place to store all documents related to the project such as design plans, budgeting information, and subcontractor contracts. In addition, clear communication should be established between stakeholders including team members and vendors to ensure expectations are understood and managed properly.

Further, a project management system should provide a platform for tracking progress over time, setting measurable goals and monitoring performance against those goals. This will help teams stay on top of any unexpected delays or issues that crop up during the course of construction. By organizing and tracking all project information in one centralized location, teams can better manage their construction projects and ensure a successful outcome.

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