BCM664 Construction Technology VI UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

BCM664 Construction Technology VI course is an ideal class for students interested in the construction industry. It provides a comprehensive overview of construction methods, materials, and procedures pioneered by an experienced faculty member who has decades of industry-related experience. The course examines the principles underlying the selection, testing, and use of construction materials for various types of structures and applications.

Through hands-on demonstrations, guest lectures from practicing professionals, case studies and current discussions, students will gain insight into a variety of specific topics related to building research and practice. In the BCM664 Construction Technology VI course, students will not only expand their knowledge about cutting-edge construction techniques but also learn how to apply this knowledge in real-world applications.

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Assignment Task 1: Interpret the key issues associated in the design principles and civil engineering construction works namely tunnels, bridges, roadworks, runways, and marine and dam construction.

Design principles are the driving force behind civil engineering construction works such as bridges, tunnels, roadworks, runway, marine and dam constructions. They define the agreed standard parameters that need to be adhered to in order to increase safety, performance and efficiency of these projects. The key issues associated with design principles arise when there is a lack of understanding or communication between relevant stakeholders.

It is essential to ensure there is transparency around planning processes and clear instructions and guidelines provided so that potential risks can be identified at the early stages of project development, thus mitigating the impact they may have on successful outcomes. By interpreting and addressing these key issues associated with design principles, civil engineers and their teams can create robust designs aimed at enabling safe constructions of public works that meet or exceed customer requirements.

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Assignment Task 2: Demonstrate good presentation in presenting findings and ideas on various systems and elements based on real case studies.

When presenting findings and ideas on different systems and elements, it is essential to present them in a professional yet engaging manner. To do this effectively, the presenter should be thoroughly prepared on all the topics of discussion, ensuring that the data is organized and up-to-date. The good presentation also involves having an understanding of the audience – How knowledgeable they are on the topic and what language will be easier to understand in order to properly explain complex concepts.

Additionally, one should practice speaking clearly and confidently so that your message is conveyed in a persuasive way. Finally, it is important to draw examples from real case studies to add credibility and make the presentation more memorable. With these tips in mind, any presenter should have no trouble effectively communicating their findings and ideas regarding various systems and elements.

Assignment Task 3: Explain related construction methods through appropriate technology devices or appliances.

Construction methods can be greatly simplified and enhanced with the use of appropriate technology devices or appliances. Laser levels, smart tools, augmented reality headsets, and 3D printers are just a few of the devices available to today’s construction industry. Laser levels allow for precise measurements and calculations while also significantly reducing set-up time. Smart tools help track inventory, monitor job progress and even manage safety protocols on a construction site.

Augmented reality enables workers to “see” buildings before they are actually constructed by visualizing 3D digital models through mobile devices or specialized goggles. Furthermore, 3D printing technology can be used to quickly create architectural elements such as stairs, beams and marble pieces in less than a day. These gadgets offer immense advantages to contractors and project managers when it comes to planning, controlling costs and completing projects in a timely manner.

Assignment Task 4: Appraise suitable sustainable strategies in order to reduce the negative impact on the construction industry.

Implementing sustainable strategies in the construction industry can have a profound and positive impact not only on the environment but on workforce productivity and finances as well. There are various strategies that should be appraised for implementation, such as integrating renewable energy sources into new construction projects, using more recycled materials, and investing in green transportation methods. Utilizing these strategies can help reduce the environmental impact of construction processes while cutting costs associated with traditional practices.

Furthermore, utilizing sustainable processes sends an important message to customers about an organization’s commitment to environmental stewardship and its willingness to invest in innovative solutions. Therefore, taking the time to implement suitable sustainable strategies leads to greater success for construction companies in all areas.

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