BCM673 Project Evaluation And Development UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

BCM673 Project Evaluation And Development is a unique course that provides students with an in-depth understanding of the importance of project evaluation and development. This course explores real-world applications of project evaluation and development, as well as gives students the opportunity to apply theory to practice.

Through practical exercises and activities, students are able to develop their knowledge and technical skills, enabling them to evaluate projects effectively. With a range of resources available, including online discussion forums and guest lecturers, this course will ensure that students gain an invaluable understanding of the project evaluation process.

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Here are some of the assignment activities we will discuss:

Assignment Activity 1: Propose a viable project through the adoption of knowledge and information.

In order to ensure that a project proposal is viable, knowledge and information must be adopted as key components. Utilizing the expertise of subject matter specialists to design an engaging research methodology will inform the project’s overall strategy and goals, while using data-driven reports to identify any potential pitfalls can help to contextualize its results. Careful consideration of the proposed timeline should also be taken into account, ensuring that sufficient resources and personnel are allocated in order to complete it on time, and in accordance with pre-defined indicators. With this comprehensive approach in place, any proposed project is certain to be successful in the long term.

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Assignment Activity 2: Create a design concept supported by sustainable construction technology, environmental assessment, project planning, financing, and budgetary control.

Creating a design concept that is supported by sustainable construction technology, environmental assessment, project planning, financing, and budgetary control is an important step in constructing a building. Utilizing sustainable construction methods will help reduce any negative environmental impacts associated with the development of the project. Project planning and financing can help to ensure that all necessary components are provided for in order to make the design concept an effective reality.

Finally, having budgetary control in place ensures that costs do not rise beyond what has been initially agreed upon. With these pieces in place, there is no doubt that any design concept supported by sustainable construction technology, environmental assessment, project planning, financing and budgetary control will be successful.

Assignment Activity 3: Present ideas clearly and convincingly in oral and in writing with appropriate construction management and procurement system including health and safety considerations.

Being able to present ideas clearly and convincingly is a crucial skill for Construction Managers, Procurement Specialists, and Health and Safety Officers. Ensuring that the point of view being communicated is accurately conveyed in both oral and written form is key to creating an effective working environment. When presenting ideas, clarity should be paramount with important information highlighted, using visual aids where appropriate. It is essential to use language that captures the essence of what is being communicated in order to engage and influence the listener.

Good communication allows ideas to flow freely between members of the team and opens up opportunities while avoiding potential issues further down the line. Therefore all areas of construction management, procurement and safety considerations should always adhere to clear communication standards.

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Assignment Activity 4: Demonstrate cooperation among team members in producing viable and feasible project proposals.

It is essential to ensure that all team members cooperate with one another during the proposal planning process. This means communicating efficiently and effectively, taking into consideration each other’s ideas and working together towards an end goal. Collaboration is also important to understand individual skills, allowing for effective delegation of tasks; this way, optimum use of valuable resources can be achieved in producing a viable and feasible project proposal. Finally, open feedback between the team members should be encouraged as this will allow for different perspectives to be brought into the light, leading to better decision-making within the project proposal.

Assignment Activity 5: Display motivation in completing tasks and activities of project costing commitments and sustainable management.

Applying inspiration from the goals of our project, I am passionate about completing tasks and activities in a cost-effective and sustainable way. Our team is strong in demonstrating motivation when it comes to successful completion of project commitments; constantly striving to set standards for excellence every step of the way. My focus won’t waiver throughout the whole journey as I strive to honor our mission statement by displaying only top-notch quality results. Effective management is priorities to ensure everything we produce is refined and adheres to the highest ethical guidelines possible. All this considered, I know that if we all stick together, we will achieve unbelievable progress with this project!

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