BCM683 Measurement Of Construction Works II UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

BCM683 Measurement Of Construction Works II is an engaging and informative course that provides students with a deep understanding of the complexities associated with construction works. The course covers topics such as precision measurement, rates analysis and price adjustment, as well as covering contract law and types of procurement.

Through a series of lectures and interactive workshops, students learn how to measure construction works accurately and what to consider when dealing with contracts and adjusting prices. They will also gain invaluable insight into professional terms used in the field and their use in communication. With this comprehensive approach, this course equips students with all they need to pursue a career in construction measurement.

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Here, we will explore a few assignment briefs. They are as follows:

Assignment Brief 1: Prepare quantities for measurement of construction works.

Accurate measurements are essential for successful construction works, and preparing to take these measurements is a crucial first step. Before starting any project, it’s important to identify what type of measurement is needed, such as area or volume. Then you must calculate the quantity that needs to be measured and allocate appropriate personnel and equipment.

For instance, when measuring the plot area of a new building construction site, one must determine how much land is available using aerial maps and satellite imagery differently. Once you have this information and all your materials ready, then you can start taking the measurements accurately. Being organized from the beginning will ensure that all measurements get taken quickly and ensure a smooth process for the construction project.

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Assignment Brief 2: Display good numeracy skills for measurement of construction works.

Having a good understanding of numbers and how to use them is essential for accurately measuring construction works. This means being able to read and understand mathematical formulas, as well as having the ability to calculate quickly using various methods.

For example, when calculating the area of a complex shape such as an ellipse, one must take into consideration the length, width and depth of the ellipse. By using these figures and applying them in a formula, you can accurately calculate the area and make sure that everything is correct before starting any construction work.

Through this assignment brief, students will learn how to use numeracy skills to ensure accurate measurement of construction works. They will gain a better understanding of complex formulas, use them to work through problems and apply them in practical contexts.

Assignment Brie 3: Practice curation of information in preparing Bill of Quantities for construction works.

Preparing a Bill of Quantities is an important part of the construction process. This document outlines all the materials and supplies needed for a particular project and helps to keep track of expenses throughout.

For this assignment brief, students will practice curating information such as material prices, labor costs and other related factors in order to prepare an accurate Bill of Quantities. They will learn how to search for and source the right materials, estimate costs based on historical market data, and accurately record all expenses in a document.

Furthermore, they will gain an understanding of the overall construction process and its importance in building a successful project. With this knowledge, they can more effectively manage resources and ensure successful outcomes in their future projects.

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